Accident (illustration)
Accident (illustration)Tzvika Lebel

A hareidi-religious man and his pregnant wife were killed on their way to hospital in Brooklyn early Sunday, when a vehicle struck the car service vehicle in which they were riding, police said, according to AFP.

The New York Police Department said the couple's baby son, delivered prematurely after his mother's death, survived, but is in an incubator in critical condition.

The accident took place shortly after midnight in the Williamsburg neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough, home to many of New York's hassidic Jews  After crashing into the cab, the male driver of the other car -- a BMW sedan -- and another passenger fled the scene on foot, according to police.

They have since been located, and charged ,so far, with driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Emergency workers took the cab driver to Bellevue Hospital, where he was listed in stable condition.

The victims, identified as Nathan Glauber and Raizi Glauber, were both 21. Raizi Glauber, who was sitting behind the driver, was thrown from the car service cab and landed under a parked tractor-trailer, according to the New York Times.

The wife and husband were members of Brooklyn's hassidic Jewish community. They had wed about a year ago.

Nathan Glauber was a yeshiva student from Monsey whose father is a partner in G&G Clothing and his wife's family had a diamond business

Their funeral was set for later Sunday.