The commander of the Keren battalion in the Artillery Corps court-martialed an officer and an enlisted man under his command for recording and uploading a short video of soldiers performing the "Harlem Shake."

Channel 2 reported that the company commander who authorized the uploading of the video to the internet received a 21-day jail sentence and was dismissed from his command position.

The soldier who recorded the video was sentenced to 14 days in jail.

The IDF Spokesman's Unit said that "soldiers distribute photographs and videos from different events on the internet. In cases where the images run counter to IDF values, the soldiers involved are disciplined by their commanders. The IDF carried out informational activity in order to minimize the occurrence of such events. The officer and soldier involved in this incident were put on trial and punished."

The Harlem Shake is a silly internet fad which has been going on for years, involving dancing to a short audio track in goofy costumes.