Judge Elon brought to rest
Judge Elon brought to rest Hezki Ezra

Shaarei Mishpat College expressed its sorrow Wednesday at the passing of its founder and president for the first eight years of its existence, Justice Menachem Elon.

The College's press statement said that Justice Elon laid the College's professional and philosophical foundations, which imbue its students with the spirit of the law and their proper integration with the Jewish concepts of law and justice.

The President of Shaarei Mishpat, Dr. Aviad Hacohen, who was Elon's pupil, eulogized him. "Elon was a brave judge. Even when he remained in the minority opinion, he did not hesitate to fight for his positions. Safeguarding the individual's liberty and dignity, protection of the status of women, recognition of the limited ability of the judge and the law to solve every problem, were 'the pillar of fire' of his judicial creativity.

"My teacher and mentor, Menachem Elon, was a great sage. In Torah and law. His teaching reached far and wide. Halakha and Agadda, Talmud and Midrash, law and morals, Jewish Studies and ways of life, philosophy and literature, language and culture, cleverness and common sense.

"All of these joined together in rich creation, which captivates and fills the heart with joy."

Justice Elon's sons Rabbi Mordechai Elon, former head of Yeshiva Hakotel, Judge Joseph Elon, former MInister and MK Binyamin Elon and university lecturer Ari Elon can be seen near the gravesite in the photos.