Arabs throw rocks (archive)
Arabs throw rocks (archive) Flash 90

Russia Today correspondent Abby Martin accused Israel on Saturday of using “Hitler’s methods” against the Palestinian population in order to maintain a “Jewish majority” in the country. 

Martin, a vehemently anti-Israel correspondent for the Russian state-funded channel, alleged that "Israel is the only country in the world that was paved for a specific group of people that experienced such horrific discrimination and genocide, and for that same group of people to now use Hitler's methods against another minority to maintain a Jewish majority, is insane."

The Israeli government's "word just doesn't cut it," she said, asserting the part that "irks" her is its "utter hypocrisy."

"I guess it's true when they say history repeats itself," she added.

According to an article published in the Columbia Journalism Review, penned by Julia Ioffe, “Russia Today was conceived as a soft-power tool to improve Russia’s image abroad, to counter the anti-Russian bias the Kremlin saw in the Western media.”

“Since its founding in 2005, however, the broadcast outlet has become better known as an extension of former President Vladimir Putin’s confrontational foreign policy,” Ioffe explains. “Too often the channel was provocative just for the sake of being provocative. It featured fringe-dwelling ‘experts,’ like the Russian historian who predicted the imminent dissolution of the United States; broadcast bombastic speeches by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez; aired ads conflating Barack Obama with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; and ran out-of-nowhere reports on the homeless in America.”

“Often, it seemed that Russia Today was just a way to stick it to the U.S. from behind the façade of legitimate newsgathering,” Ioffe adds.