Arabs in the Shiloah (Silwan) neighborhood near the Temple Mount have videotaped an assault on the Jewish landmark Meyuhas House, mounted with firebombs and fireworks. No one has been reported hurt.

According to the Terror Watch website, the video was shot Friday night. Credits on the video belong to the "Bustan Cultural Center."

The Meyuhas House was built by Rabbi Rahamim Nathan Meyuhas, the first Jew to return to the City of David – from which King David ruled Jerusalem – in modern times. Meyuhas, whose family lived in the Old City for centuries, was a livestock butcher who purchased the plot in 1873.

In a letter to his family he wrote: “We are establishing our home from now on in the village of Shiloah near the city. There we will live and there we will have light and breathe fresh air. We will no longer drink murky well water, and we will no longer eat purchased vegetables, but rather our water will be living water from the spring, and with our own hands we will sow vegetables and will partake of them."

In 1885, a group of Jewish immigrants from San’a, Yemen, which had arrived in Jerusalem three years earlier, established Kfar Hashiloah, the first Yemenite settlement in the Land of Israel. During the 1936-1939 Arab riots, the Jews of Kfar Hashiloah were forced to abandon their homes.

The gradual resettlement of Shiloah by Jews in recent years has been met my Arab violence.