Rabbi Ronsky
Rabbi RonskyYoni Kempinski

The community of Itamar may file a defamation suit against Haifa Mayor Yonah Yahav, following a blanket accusation he hurled at the community in a public debate Sunday. With Arab MK Ahmed Tibi seated at his right, Yahav said that the youths who perpetrate "price tag" attacks against Arabs come from Itamar.

"Hurling blame and saying that the phenomenon of price tag resides and lives in this place makes it necessary not only to demand an apology but also to tell him that if he if he does not apologize, a libel suit will be filed against him," Rabbi Avichai Ronsky, Dean of the Itamar YeshivaI and fomer IDF Chief Rabbi,  told Arutz Sheva Monday.

The spokesman for the Shomron Regional Authority Yossie Dagan showed Arutz Sheva the warning letter that has already been sent by legal counsel acting for the Shomron Regional Authority, demanding a retraction and apology in order to avoid a libel suit.. 

"Yonah Yahav's shouting caused me great sorrow," Rabbi Ronsky said. "First of all – it is untrue. The youth of Itamar is wonderful by any standard, besides the fact that it resides in a community that has absorbed numerous casualties – not only did the youth and their families not leave the place – they held fast to the rocks and did not leave the place where their friends were killed. They continue to hold steadfast to the land," the rabbi said, and mentioned the community's high rate of enlistment to combat units. Five members of the Fogel family were brutally murdered by terrorists while at their home on a Friday night.

Rabbi Ronsky said he had spoken to the Deputy Head of the Shomron Regional Authority regarding the possibility of filing a libel suit. He noted that just this morning, a court had ruled that a Haaretz reporter must compensate Itamar for a similar libel, which she uttered in the presence of Rabbi Ronsky. He also said that he will invite Yahav to Itamar, to see the community with his own eyes.