Protesters in Tel Aviv demand police crack do
Protesters in Tel Aviv demand police crack doFlash 90

Media reports in Israel on Thursday morning said that protesters at a rally Wednesday night demanding the government do something about illegal African migrants had attacked a passerby from among the illegal aliens.

Several reports said that right-wing protesters beat the African, while others said that they just cursed and insulted him.

But as it turned out, the “passerby” was not an an African migrant.

Actually, said right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir, the “victim” is an Israeli, an Ethiopian Jew. He apparently went to the protest in order to create an incident for the cameras so it would appear that right-wing activists were harassing and attacking Africans.

The leftist “victim,” Hanania Vanda, is an archaeology student at Ben Gurion University and a self-declared radical leftist, Ben Gvir said.

Vanda has allegedly written that he envisions “radical” solutions to several of the burning issues in Israeli society, including the illegal alien issue. Ben Gvir said Vanda presented himself as a Sudanese refugee on Wednesday night, and joined a group of illegal Africans congregating near the protest by residents of south Tel Aviv against the ongoing crime by the Africans and lack of enforcement by police.

He then moved towards the body of the protest and began shouting out epithets and curses, apparently in an attempt to incite the protesters. While some of the protesters responded in kind, no one hit Vanda, Ben Gvir said, and none of the footage taken by television and other media showed that Vanda had been struck.

“Vanda tried to pull a fast one, and unfortunately some media outfits allowed themselves to be suckered into believing his story, failing to check the facts,” Ben Gvir said. “While the easy story for the media is the one they tried to portray of 'right wing activists attack Africans,' the fact is that the photos and video do not back this up. Actually, when Vanda finally admitted that he was an Ethiopian Jew, he was welcomed by the protesters.”

Ben Gvir also protested the fact that many of the news outlets that reported the “attack” did not seek to get a response from him or other right-wing activists who actually participated in the demonstration.

“I cannot remember an incident in which right-wing activists complained that they were attacked by leftists that the media did not follow through and seek the other side of the story, as they reported what they said were the 'claims' of the right wing victims. When it comes to claims against the right though, anything goes – there is no investigation by the media, and they don't even bother looking at the materials that they themselves filmed.”