"Netanyahu" in SS uniform
"Netanyahu" in SS uniformFrom blog

MK Ophir Akunis (Likud) filed a police complaint Tuesday morning against a blog that published photomontages depicting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in a Nazi SS uniform. The Likud's Legal Adviser, Attorney Avi HaLevi, accompanied Akunis to the police station and also signed the complaint. 

The blog is named HaOtzer HaEzrachi ("The Civilian Curfew"). It went offline Monday after the press discovered the photos, and news of their existence began to circulate.
The blog featured a demand that Netanyahu and members of his government be put on trial. It showed a caption that read "The Main Suspect: Binyamin Netanyahu," and beneath it three photomontage pictures that show Netanyahu in Nazi uniform. At least one of the pictures also has Netanyahu giving a Nazi salute.
Akunis and HaLevi noted that the bloggers identify themselves as citizens of Israel who represent "the heart of the Israeli protest against the policies of the capitalist-piggish Netanyahu government" and refuse to talk to Netanyahu.
The bloggers compare the Prime Minister to a drunk who has cruelly murdered a loved one. In such a case, they ask their readers, "would you try to create a 'solution' or would you consider continuing to live with the same vile murderer?"
Netanyahu is labeled "the main suspect" and the bloggers demand that he and his ministers be brought to a "field trial" and call on the public to take action in this direction.
Akunis and HaLevi stated that the publication of the blog is a criminal offense that falls under the definitions of incitement and sedition.
Before the assassination of Prime Minister Yitschak Rabin, an anti-Oslo Accords demonstration was held in the center or Jerusalem, where it was claimed that several posters with Rabin in a Nazi uniform were held up. This was condemned strongly when discovered and rehashed over and over by the media as one of the incitements for murdering the late Prime Minister. However, TV broadcaster Nitzan Chen testified to the police that it was  ISA provocateur Avishai Raviv, whose cover was blown afterwards,  who provided him with a copy of the poster at the protest, and later verified that the poster would be shown on the evening news. Protestors denied seeing the poster on display at the rally.