Arab arson in Burin
Arab arson in Burin Arutz Sheva photo: Shomron Regional Council

Arabs from Burin, encouraged and supported by extreme left-wing activists, started a huge fire near Burin on Friday.

The Shomron Regional Council reported that the fire spread up a nearby mountain and came dangerously close to the homes of the nearby community of Givat Ronen.

Firefighters who were called to put out the fire were pelted with stones, causing one of them injuries to his face, said the Council.

The attackers only retreated when IDF soldiers arrived on the scene and fired warning shots into the air.

The Shomron Regional Council also reported that Givat Ronen’s water pipe was burned in the fire, causing the community’s water supply to be cut off. As the fire was started close to the start of the Sabbath, a quick solution had to be found to ensure that the residents would have water during Shabbat.

Givat Ronen’s residents often find themselves under attack by Arabs. In May, the community was invaded by Arabs on the Sabbath, but the residents had nothing to defend themselves with but a handful of stones.

In April, the residents successfully beat back an attack on their community by Palestinian Authority Arabs.

Shomron Mayor Gershon Mesika said in response to the fire on Friday, “This is the third time in the past two weeks that Arabs and radical left-wing have rioted in the area between the village of Burin and Givat Ronen and started a huge fire. The same thing happened last summer.

“I call on the law enforcement and security authorities to arrest the rioters and immediately stop this nationalist violence.”