A team of security officers from the Prime Minister's Office entered the protest tent of the parents of kindapped soldier Gilad Schalt to execute a search on Thursday.
The security officers were accompanied a Border Police officer who questioned those present during the search. The tent is located near the Prime Minister's office on public property.
A violinist who is a regular fixture at the protest tent succeeded in recording part of the search. Security has entered the tent before, but this is the first search, they say.
Schalit's family expressed anger and confusion after the search. 
"We do not understand why they did this," Noam Schalit said. "We've been here in the protest tent for over a year and they have never conducted a search before." 
The Prime Minister's Office issued a statement after the search, "The protest camp of the Shalit family is located near the Prime Minister. Security officer inspections of security in the area are frequent and occasionally inspect the situation at the tent. Such inspections are conducted with maximum sensitivity, and it is important to note that there is no intention to harm the occupants of the tent"