MK Ben Ari
MK Ben Ari Israel news photo: Yoni Kempinski


MK Michael Ben Ari of the National Union gave Israel’s smug leftist elites some food for thought Monday when he led 40 Sudanese infiltrators into Tel Aviv’s Gordon Pool, a favorite watering hole for the city’s posh set.
The beachside salt water pool’s regular clients – including some of Tel Aviv’s most successful businesspeople, doctors, lawyers and pop-culture celebrities – were surprised to see Ben Ari standng at the gate to the pool at the head of the Sudanese group, and asking to allow them into the pool to bathe.
The water-bound expedition is part of Ben Ari’s “Ramat Aviv First” project, in which he intends to show what he says is the Israeli leftists’ hypocrisy, in demanding that infiltrators be allowed to live in Tel Aviv, when they know that their own neighborhoods are not the ones that have to absorb the problematic foreign population. The neighborhoods that house the infiltrators have experienced a surge in crime, among other problems.
Ben Ari and other activists insisted on entering the pool with the Sudanese, for whom they purchased tickets. The pool's operators refused at first, saying that the Sudanese had not brought bathing suits. At this point, the activists produced a large plastic bag full of bathing trunks. After activist Itamar Ben-Gvir, who holds a law degree, made clear that the operators would face a lawsuit if they did not let in the Sudanese, the operators relented.
The Sudanese entered and proceeded to enjoy a swim in the pool. Reactions were mixed: some people refused to continue swimming while others greeted the Sudanese warmly and suggested to them that the nationalists were using them for a provocation.
After 90 minutes of fun in the sun, the group called it a day. Ben Ari summed up the event, saying that the “leftist knights of democracy” campaign for the infiltrators’ “human rights” but then proceed to send them to southern Tel Aviv neighborhoods, and are unwilling to pay a personal price for their largesse.