Smuggling tunnel
Smuggling tunnelIsrael news photo: Flash 90

The IDF bombed two terrorist tunnels in Gaza overnight, but foreign media rely on Hamas sources that two women, one of them pregnant, were wounded.

An army spokeswoman told Israel National News that Israeli aircraft scored direct hits on the tunnels in northern Gaza following another Kassam rocket attack on the western Negev Tuesday night. No one was injured.

Terror tunnels in northern Gaza are often built to allow terrorists to enter a Jewish community and either kill or kidnap civilians and soldiers.

However, the French news agency AFP, in its lead paragraph, reported on the alleged wounded women, quoting ”Palestinian medics and witnesses” who also said the targets were a “group of militants and a plastics factory.”

Hamas routinely claims that pregnant women, handicapped people, mentally retarded civilians and elderly men are the victims of Israeli counterterrorist operations. Confirmation rarely is provided, but foreign agencies report the claims as fact.

On Monday, the same news agency reported that an armed “civilian,” killed by soldiers after refusing to halt his approach to the security fence, simply was an innocent person collecting gravel.

AFP told its readers that “locals often risk injury or death to enter the no-go zone in search of gravel which they can sell,” but the report did not make any mention of the frequent bombs planted on the patrol road.