Egyptian border
Egyptian borderIsrael news photo: file

IDF soldiers have thwarted several attempts by terrorists to infiltrate southern Israel in recent weeks. Terrorists have tried to move from Gaza to Sinai to Israel via a desert passage known as “route H.”

The head of the IDF tracking unit in the south, Colonel Yossi Hadad, spoke to the IDF website about the attempted infiltrations.

The attempts “are not new,” he said. “Recently there has been an escalation [of terrorism] in Gaza as well,” he added. “Cast Lead sent a message to Hamas, but lately the Islamic Jihad and other assorted organizations, including Hamas, have started up again.”

He noted the recent use by Gaza terrorists of a more advanced anti-tank missile than had been used in Gaza in the past. The problem of weapons smuggling “means we need to be more prepared, as our enemy's abilities grow.”

The fence currently being built along the Egypt-Israel border may make the IDF's work easier, Hadad said. However, he said, “we cannot stop using trackers.”

In addition to more frequent attempts to infiltrate Israel, Gaza terrorists have also made several recent efforts to attack soldiers along the security barrier, and have fired rockets and mortar shells at southern Israel. Four people were wounded in rocket attacks over the weekend.