Quiz on Israel: Where is this seaside city?
Quiz on Israel: Where is this seaside city? Israle news photo

So you think you know Israel like the back of your hand. But can you identify the city in the picture to the left? Now, find out how much you know and try to identify the location of these urban sites in the pictures below.

If you score 13 out of 13, you should be a tour guide. Zero out of 13? You simply are not up to date.

Which city hosts this park, complete with flowing water in a fountain?

Which Mediterranean Sea beachside city is this?

Where is this crowded beach located?

Moving away from the sea, where is this modern office complex?

There are several marinas on the Mediterranean Coast. Where is this one?

This one is tougher. Israel has many millionaires and luxury homes. Where is this one?

The United Nations has built this impressive building for its offices--in which city?

The architecture in this seaside luxury home may help you identify its location.

You may not have enough money for this seaside restaurant, but can you guess where it is?

Every Israeli city has a stadium? Where is this one?

This last picture may be easier. Note the mosque in the background of modern offices, but remember Muslims are free to worship throughout Israel.

Okay, the quiz is over. Now let's check your score.

First of all, if you answered Tel Aviv or Netanya to any of the pictures, take off eight points for each answer.

You get docked another eight points for each time you answered 'Jerusalem.'

It would seem obvious that none of the pictures could be from Gaza, where international mainstream media have been saying for years that there is a humanitarian crisis caused by Israel's trying to keep advanced rockets, explosives, terrroists, and anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles out of Gaza and where building material is said to be scarce.

However, if you guessed Gaza as the answer to any of the pictures, you won eight points each time. If all 13 answers were "Gaza," you win the jackpot with 104 points.

If your score was zero, at least you can consider yourself politically correct.