Police Israel news photo

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet, ISA) has arrested Chaim Perlman, a resident of Givat Washington in the southern coastal region, on suspicion of murdering two Arabs and attempting to murder others. Perlman says he is being set up by the ISA.

Large-scale police and ISA forces raided Perlman's home Tuesday night, but details regarding the investigation were kept under wraps until the Petach Tikva Magistrates Court allowed their partial publication Wednesday. Many details from the investigation remain under a gag order.

Perlman is suspected of murdering two Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem in 1998, as well as attempts to murder other Arabs by stabbing. He is reportedly being investigated on charges of intentional manslaughter, attempted manslaughter and illegal possession of weapons.

Perlman denies the allegations. Sources close to him said that he has evidence proving that the ISA tried to goad him into carrying out illegal acts. When the “Jewish Section” of the ISA found out that he possessed this evidence, it began acting vindictively against him.

He was brought before the Jerusalem Magistrates Court for extension of remand Wednesday. Police said Perlman had been arrested in the past on suspicion of vandalizing Arab property and spray-painting slogans. They did not say if he had been convicted or even charged with the crimes.

Attorney Adi Keidar of the NGO Honenu, who represents Perlman, predicted that “the Israeli public is about to be exposed to one of the embarrassing episodes showing how the security establishment attempts to cause ordinary citizens to carry out [illegal] acts.”

On Sunday, police released a Jewish man shortly after arresting him on suspicion of shooting and killing an Arab who had ambushed his car with rocks. It turned out he had been attacked by Arabs but had done nothing except drive away and report the incident to police.