World Magshimey Herut
World Magshimey Herut Yoni Kempinski

World Magshimey Herut is marking 10 years since the establishment of its world Zionist movement. Israel National News attended the conference which was held in Jerusalem.

The organization's name alludes to "carrying out" (hagshamah in Hebrew, ed.) the ideals of the original Herut Party,founded by Menachem Begin, which became part of the present day Likud in 1988.  

WMH was formed as a breakaway movement from Likud Youth after the Hebron agreement of 1998 in which a Likud-led government agreed to relinquish parts of  the city of Hebron to the American-backed Palestinian Authority. 

The world headquarters of the movement are located in Israel. Its main principles are promoting emigration to Israel, social justice, and working to prevent territorial compromises. It conducts leadership seminars and engages in Zionist activity on college campuses in various countries to combat and respond to anti Zionism.

The World Likud Conference is also taking place in Jerusalem this week.