The midterm was a huge win for Trump's Mideast policty

The election unified the Republican Party behind Trump, on conservative principles. It also empowered moderate Democrats at the expense of the until-now ascendant radicals.Dr. Aviel Sheyin-Stevens, 11/18/2018, 6:00 AM

Democratic candidate concedes defeat in Florida

Democrat Andrew Gillum congratulates Republican Ron DeSantis for winning Florida governor race.Ben Ariel, 11/18/2018, 1:48 AM

Kevin McCarthy to serve as Republican House minority leader

House Republicans elect California lawmaker as their new minority leader for the next Congress.Ben Ariel, 11/15/2018, 12:06 AM

The Ryan House will not be missed

Every Republican president of the last half of the twentieth century faced a Democratic House and Senate: Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush Sr.    Dr. Aviel Sheyin-Stevens, 11/10/2018, 8:13 PM

'As long as Trump is in the White House, we're all set'

Former Israeli ambassador to Washington Danny Ayalon believes midterm elections set Trump up nicely for 2020 elections.Benny Tocker, 11/9/2018, 5:44 AM

Dead Republican defeats Democrat for Nevada seat

Officials look to fill Nevada seat left vacant by election of candidate who died three weeks before vote.David Rosenberg, 11/8/2018, 9:07 PM

Ted Cruz's fair fight

What Ted Cruz narrowly beating Beto O'Rourke reveals about Texas.NPR, 11/8/2018, 1:15 PM

Challenge to Democrat-controlled House: End the PA dictatorship

What a Democrat-controlled US House of Representatives can do to prevent the continuity of a Palestinian Arab dictatorial regime. David Bedein, 11/8/2018, 1:03 PM

A bipartisan opportunity for Congress?

The midterm elections exposed deep divides in American society along racial, gender and geographical lines. Can the parties get above them?NPR, 11/8/2018, 4:16 AM

Despite abuse claims, Farrakhan ties, Ellison wins AG race

Dep. DNC chair Keith Ellison elected Minnesota AG despite domestic abuse allegations and past ties to anti-Semitic Nation of Islam.David Rosenberg, 11/7/2018, 1:43 PM

Nevada Rep. Jacky Rosen, ex-synagogue president, wins Senate bid

Jacky Rosen, Democratic congresswoman from Nevada who said she opposed 2015 Iran nuclear deal, defeats incumbent Republican Dean Heller.JTA, 11/7/2018, 12:56 PM

Democrats retake House, Republicans to maintain Senate

CNN and Fox News project majority for Democrats in the House of Representatives, while Republicans will keep their Senate majority.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/7/2018, 10:28 AM

Israel-backer Ron DeSantis wins Florida governor's race

Pro-Trump congressman Ron DeSantis, a noted Israel supporter, defeats Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum in Florida gubernatorial race.David Rosenberg, 11/7/2018, 10:17 AM

A split decision for a split country

So Streisand won't leave us for Canada, after all. Jack Engelhard, 11/7/2018, 8:05 AM

Jared Polis elected first Jewish governor of Colorado

Democrat Jared Polis, 43, becomes Colorado's first Jewish governor after defeating Walker Stapleton on Tuesday.JTA, 11/7/2018, 7:22 AM

ANALYSIS: All bets are off in midterms as turnout surges

As American voters head to the polls, who has the edge in the battle for Congress - and just how much faith can we put in polls?David Rosenberg, 11/6/2018, 3:39 PM

'Trump has upgraded America's position in the world'

Former Israeli diplomat in Washington estimates the Republicans will maintain their strength in the midterms.Benny Tocker, 11/6/2018, 2:54 PM

A message of urgency to every American Citizen

In the midterm elections, there are "many candidates who have been endorsed by a group known as J Street." A bi-partisan group of US Christians writes why, in their view, J Street is far from a pro-Israel organization.Pastor Ryan Speakman, 11/6/2018, 2:25 PM

Watch live: Trump hosts final pre-Election Day rally

Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Lee Greenwood will be in attendance at Trump's last rally in Missouri for the 2018 midterm elections.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/6/2018, 4:39 AM

The only apology Trump deserves is our vote

We are reliving our history of self destruction all over again. Through the eyes of non-Jews, we look like ungrateful people. Cindy Grosz, 11/5/2018, 10:13 PM

Why most US Jews could vote Republican in the 2026 midterm elections

The lavish expansion of welfare schemes hurting upwardly-mobile professionals will bring the bulk of Jewish middle-aged professionals to vote conservative. Rafael Castro, 11/5/2018, 6:19 AM

The critical November 2018 mid-term US election

After the elections, will Trump be a coattail – or an anchor chained – President?Amb. (ret.) Yoram Ettinger , 11/4/2018, 10:09 PM

'Republican enthusiasm even greater now than in 2016'

'I'm optimistic.' Marc Zell, chief of Republicans Overseas Israel, says GOP poised to expand majority in Senate, could keep House.Eliran Aharon, 11/4/2018, 7:45 PM