Challenge to Democrat-controlled House: End the PA dictatorship
Challenge to Democrat-controlled House: End the PA dictatorship

A Democrat-controlled House of Representatives can  play a crucial role in preventing the continuity of a Palestinian Arab regime which  is devoid of peace education and which instead... 

1. Places Palestinian Arabs under totalitarian rule

2. Runs schools  based on indoctrination to liberate all of  Palestine by force of arms.

3. Awards cash and honor for anyone who is willing to murder a Jew.

4. Advocates  the right of return by force of arms.

5.Continues to confine of Arab refugees from 1948  to the indignity of refugee camps

6. Refuses to allow  UNRWA refugee camps to be rehabilitated.

7. Places the death penalty on any Arab who sells property  to Jew 

8. Allows for an economy to exist without transparency  for public funds

There is a groundswell of Palestinian public opinion which we can nurture as an alternative, with an UNRWA Reform Initiative which comprises the following operative principles:

  • Cancel the UNRWA war curriculum, based on Jihad, martyrdom and the “right of return by force of arms”, which have no place in UN education, whose stated theme is “Peace Begins Here”.
  • Cease paramilitary training in all UNRWA schools. It is an absurdity that UNRWA, a UN agency with a purported commitment to “peace education”, allows such arms training on its premises.
  • Insist that UNRWA dismiss employees affiliated with Hamas in accordance with laws on the books in western nations that forbid aid to any agency that employs members of a terrorist organization.
  • Introduce UNHCR standards to UNRWA to advance the resettlement of fourth and fifth generation refugees from the 1948 war. These people have spent some seven decades relegated to refugee status. Current UNRWA policy is that any refugee resettlement would interfere with the “right of return” to pre-1948 Arab localities. By adopting the political stance of Palestinian maximalists, UNRWA flouts its own commitment to the welfare and future of Palestinian refugees
  • Demand an audit of donor funds that emanate from 68 nations. This would address widespread documented reports of wasted resources, duplication of services and an undesired flow of cash to the Gaza-based terror groups that have controlled UNRWA operations there for the past 18 years.

There is no doubt in my mind that the new Democratic Majority of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee will support such an iniitative.