Two arrested in Argentina for plotting to attack Jewish community on Shabbat

Suspects planning the attack were arrested with Nazi literature and cash of guns, knives and communications equipment.

Dan Verbin ,

Argentina police
Argentina police

Two people were arrested in the Argentinian province of Tucumán on Friday on charges they were planning to attack the local Jewish community in the hours before Shabbat, according to the La Gaceta newspaper.

One of the suspects, who are now in federal custody, was arrested at a property in provincial capital San Miguel de Tucumán, while the other was nabbed in a village called El Manantial.

Last week, messages referencing “an imminent attack that would take place in Tucumán during Shabbat” were intercepted, leading to the raid by the Federal Police's Department’s anti-terrorism unit, reported MercoPress, South Atlantic News Agency.

The two suspects where found to be in possession of Nazi literature and items connected to hate groups. A dozen short and long firearms along with knives of different sizes and radio communications equipment were also seized during the search.

“After the investigation, it was confirmed that the suspects used the messaging services WhatsApp and Telegram to plan acts of aggression and intimidation against people and institutions of the Jewish community of Tucumán,” said federal prosecutor Pablo Camuña.