'Israel endangering Palestinian workers'

Palestinian organization claims that Israel is endangering the lives of Palestinian Arab workers and spreading coronavirus among them.

Dalit Halevi ,


Ammar Al-Dwaik, Director General of the Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR), is accusing the "Israeli occupation" of exploiting Palestinian Arab workers for "dangerous tasks" that Israeli workers avoid due to fear of contracting coronavirus.

In an interview with a Hamas-affiliated newspaper, Dwaik said that Palestinian Arab workers in Israel are employed in hospitals treating coronavirus patients as well as in cleaning jobs.

The PA “ministry of health” has claimed that Palestinian Arab workers returning from Israel make up a high number of the coronavirus cases among Palestinian Arabs.

Dwaik argued in the interview that the "occupation authorities" do not provide the Palestinian workers with adequate safeguards against coronavirus. When workers become infected with the virus, they do not receive treatment in Israel, but are returned to the Palestinian Authority without coordination with the Palestinian “health ministry”, a fact which results in the spread of the virus, he claimed.

The PA has several times claimed that the “Israeli occupation” is the reason for the spread of the coronavirus in its territories.

PA cabinet leader Mohammad Shtayyeh recently urged Palestinian Arabs to avoid visiting “Israelis settlements” in order to stop the spread of the virus.