North Korean leader supervises test of rocket launcher

North Korean media says Kim Jong Un supervised a fresh test of a "super-large multiple rocket launcher" system.

Ben Ariel ,

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervised a fresh test of a "super-large multiple rocket launcher" system, state media said on Wednesday (local time), according to AFP.

The announcement come a day after South Korea's military that the North had launched "unidentified projectiles" from the Kaechon area in South Pyongan province. They flew approximately 330 kilometers (205 miles).

Kim "gave field guidance" for Tuesday's test, the Korean Central News Agency reported.

The "super-large multiple rocket launcher" was tested in an exercise observed by Kim about two weeks ago, according to the report.

KCNA said the test was aimed at "measuring the time of combat deployment" and implied another test could follow.

"What remains to be done is running fire test which is most vivid character in terms of the power of multiple rocket launcher," it said.

North Korea has conducted a series of missile tests in recent weeks, including one launch that was supervised by Kim and was reportedly a test of a "newly developed" weapon.

The tests come as talks between the US and North Korea on denuclearization continue to stall, having broken down after the failed summit between Kim and US President Donald Trump in February in Vietnam.

Trump has said he's "not happy" about North Korea's persistent testing of short-range missiles but denied the launches violate any agreement.

Tuesday’s test came after the North's vice foreign minister Choe Son Hui said in a statement carried by KCNA that the country had "willingness to sit with the US side for comprehensive discussions of the issues we have so far taken up" later this month, at a time and place to be determined.