Al-Jazeera's 'Holocaust education' video

Creation of Israel stems from Nazi ideology, AJ+ video claims.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Auschwitz fence
Auschwitz fence
Yitzchak Harari, Flash 90

Qatar's TV channel on Friday evening posted a video about the Holocaust which negated historical facts and the Jewish narrative.

The seven-minute video, published by AJ+, claimed that the Jews used the Holocaust to take money from the Germans, and that the Jewish narrative is not proportional to the global tragedy since World War II. It also claimed that the Jews used the money they received to expel "Palestinians" and create the State of Israel.

The video also claimed that the Jews, due to their relative strength and control of both capital and the media, managed to emphasize their suffering at the expense of the other victims' - such as homosexuals and Gypsies - suffering.

"The creation of the State of Israel itself stems from the Nazis' nationalistic ideology," it added.

The video was taken down Saturday afternoon.