How terrorists smuggle phones into prison

Prison service reveals phenomenon among security prisoners: Arabs seek arrest in order to smuggle forbidden items to imprisoned terrorists.

Yoni Kempinski ,

some of the smuggled phones
some of the smuggled phones
IPS spokesperson

The Israel Prisons Service revealed a method used by security detainees to smuggle mobile phones to terrorists imprisoned in Israel.

Security staff at the Ofer Prison began to suspect Tuesday night, during the reception of an Arab man identified with Fatah suspected of stealing, that the man was concealing items forbidden in the prison on his person.

The detainee was taken for questioning, during which he admitted he tried to smuggle cell phones inside the prison wall inside his body. During the interrogation, he produced capsules containing 4 cell phones, 2 cell phone keypads and 8 SIM cards.

The interrogation did not end because the prison staff suspected that the detainee was hiding additional prohibited items in his body and decided to evacuate him to a hospital. An X-ray machine found a number of foreign bodies inside his body, including three additional cell phones as well as two keypads for cell phones.

The investigation thus far showed that prisoners are systematically trying to smuggle cell phones into the prisons in order to trade them or transfer them to terrorists. This incident follows 11 attempts to smuggle dozens of mobile phones cumulatively into security prisons since the beginning of 2018.