Israeli UN Ambassador:
'Those who did not support this resolution voted for justice'

Amb. Danon slams countries which promoted resolution on 'protection' of Palestinian Arabs in Gaza. 'Why did you omit Hamas from resolution?'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Danny Danon
Danny Danon

Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon addressed the Security Council following a vote on the resolution proposed by Kuwait. The resolution was rejected following a veto by the United States.

“Despite the rockets fired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad at our civilians, despite the missile that landed in a kindergarten yard, despite the endless mortar shells attacking our southern communities, this resolution tried to give Hamas a free pass… It mentioned Israel five times, yet it could not even mention Hamas at all.”

Turning to the countries that supported the resolution, Ambassador Danon said: “I ask the Ambassador of France and the Ambassador of Sweden – you promoted this resolution. Why did you omit Hamas from this resolution? Did you forget that the EU has designated Hamas a terrorist organization since 2003? Does that designation mean nothing to you? When Paris was attacked by ISIS, the international community stood with Paris. But when Israel is attacked by Hamas, you blame us, the victim.”

Ambassador Danon concluded by saying: “The only way to protect the Palestinians in Gaza is by holding Hamas responsible. Those who supported this resolution, you chose not to protect these Palestinians. Those who did not support the resolution, you voted for justice. You are the ones who really voted for the protection of Israelis and Palestinians.”