Temple Mount: Waqf Attacks Jews

Muslim Waqf personnel attacked Jews who visited Temple Mount on anniversary of Temple's destruction

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Gil Ronen ,

Attack on Temple Mount
Attack on Temple Mount

Members of the Muslim Waqf physically assaulted a group of Jews who ascended to the Temple Mount Tuesday, Tisha B'Av. The group was led by Moshe Feiglin of the Jewish Leadership faction.

Members of the Jewish group said afterwards that Israel Police were present but did not protect the Jews. Not only did they fail to arrest or even push away the Muslim attackers – they also coaxed the Jews to exit the Mount, even as the Waqf personnel drew close and hurled abuse at the Jews.

The event began when an Arab woman began to follow the group around the Mount, hurling curses and epithets. A policeman who stood nearby asked the group to ignore her. However, she then began to physically assault members of the group, and a cameraman in the group tried to tape this event.

At that moment, Waqf members approached the group and also began to hurl abuse at the Jews. The police were there in small numbers and feared a confrontation. They wanted the Jews to leave the scene. However, police did nothing against the attackers. One Jew was arrested.

Feiglin said that "There is nothing like an event of this nature on Tisha B'Av to prove the weakness of the Israeli government. He who forfeits the Temple Mount forfeits his home in the Negev and Galilee as well – and in the end, on Rothschild Avenue in Tel Aviv, too."