When in Doubt, Blame the Jews

Hey, if the European Union and United Nations can sit calmly by and watch hundreds of thousands of Sudanese murdered and a million displaced from their homeland, do you think that they are going to come to the aid of the Jews? This is the group that is still aggravated that the Jews survived the Holocaust.

Arlene Peck

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When I was in college, I used to joke and say that I was majoring in "popularity and friends". It's a good thing I didn't know then all that I know today.

Anti-Semitism is alive and well, and today it's not just in those red-neck areas of Georgia where I grew up. Now they're more polished and re-elect terrorists such as Cynthia McKinney. Gawd, even mall stores like the Body Shop are now, along with their bath salts, promoting the Arab homeland and sending their profits into funds for the "return of the Palestinians" back into Israel, which they claim the Jews took away from them. I am sick and tired of reading the newspapers that are literally filled with stories of Al-Qaeda, and pictures of the adventures of hooded terrorists and the people they've bombed and mutilated.

We start our day with the latest terrorist attack and end it with who was beheaded by these seventh century barbarians. Iraq? They are like the rest of them. They have no idea what democracy is and perhaps will never have one, no matter how hard we and the rest of the world try. They don't want it and hate everyone from the outside who tries to help. They don't even want to help themselves. It's easier to use our soldiers in the front lines, where they get blown up.

Hey, if the European Union and United Nations can sit calmly by and watch hundreds of thousands of Sudanese murdered and a million displaced from their homeland, do you think that they are going to come to the aid of the Jews? This is the group that is still aggravated that the Jews survived the Holocaust. I remember when Israel tried to deport 400 vicious terrorists to Lebanon. The United Nations met almost daily to make their resolutions against Israel and the media covered it with glee.

They meet and have conferences to protest the security wall, which seems to be extremely effective in stopping the terrorists from entering into Israel and blowing themselves and everyone in sight to smithereens. It's okay for us to have a fence in California to keep out the masses of Mexicans from pouring over our borders. And they don't even want to kill us. They just want to get our drivers' license and our social services and send money home.

I was in El-Arish as a journalist the day the "peace" with Egypt earned it the booty of Yamit and another large city. I sat there while Egypt was also given back the only productive oil fields in the Sinai (which had been developed by Israel) and which had made Israel independent of oil imports. I watched the Israelis hand over the buffer zone of the Sinai peninsula with many militarily important sites. Even after getting everything, the Egyptians haggled, successfully, over Taba, which was a resort built by the Sonesta Hotels; the same way the Lebanese are haggling over the Sheba farms area.

For the Sinai, Israel received 'cold peace'. A lot has changed since then. During that time, the United States has armed Egypt to the teeth with the most sophisticated and deadly of modern weapons. And, of course, we've taught them how to use them. Who are they expected to use them against? Their Arab brothers? I don't think so.

Frankly, I find it pretty scary that a president whom all polls say Israelis find preferable to John Kerry in the upcoming election has cut aid to Israel from $3.7 billion last year to $2.7 billion, because Bush is angry about the security fence that Israel has been forced to build. Yet he sends enormous amounts of money to Egypt so that it not attack Israel.

I'm tired of fighting the world and, more importantly, the self-haters, who somehow think if they make nice to the enemy, they'll be loved. Well, I've got news for them. The double standard that everyone takes for granted is anti-Semitism. Pure and simple hatred for the Jews. And I don't care anymore. I do care that the Jewish state desperately needs to have new leadership that has Israel's best interest at heart. When George Bush says "Jump!" their leaders say, "How high?" It's time for Israel to do what they have to do and the hell with everyone else. My mother, Queen Mollie, used to say, "Don't worry about what 'they' think. When 'they' are paying your bills, then you can worry." And, frankly folks, I don't notice anyone paying my bills.

I think the daily sight of American citizens being carried home in body bags by these same savage barbarians who've been getting a free ride in the arena of world opinion is starting to sink in. But, for the most part, with our State Department it's business as usual and whatever it is, it has to be the fault of "the Jews."

I've given up trying to understand why everyone hates the Jews. Although I tend to think I have a pretty good idea. I think it's because we gave the world a conscience, with the Ten Commandments. Until then, they were perfectly happy coveting other people's wives and sleeping with their sisters or sheep.

It annoys the Muslim world and the EU that in fifty-six short years the Jewish nation has accomplished far more than most of them put together. Israel leads in the fields of medicine, bio-technology, hi-tech and, yes, agriculture. Those amazing drip irrigation systems they perfected save between 40-50%, while giving a 300% return in crop increase. To Israel's neighbors and critics, whose nations are vast, and those who have never done one productive thing in their entire existence, Israel's achievements become a breeding ground for envy and jealousy.

I remember when I was a kid, my mother would go out and collect rents in an old Dodge when she had a Cadillac at home. I used to ask her why and she'd tell me, "People don't like it when you have more than them. They're jealous." How right she was.

Israelis have been at the highest levels in all areas of scientific research, biotechnology, telecommunications and high-tech electronics and software, with a per capita GDP of $20,000, compared to an average of no more than $1,000 for the Arabs. This bothers Europe tremendously, that Israel's technology is so far ahead of anything they've been able to come up with. Israel, with a population of just 6,000,000, has more high-tech and bio-tech start-ups than either UK, France or Germany.

People who get to be too successful aren't always liked. Those with no accomplishments and sub-human savage mentalities and actions are resentful of those whose technological and economic gains are light years beyond their comprehension. The only basic national resource that Israel had (since they gave Egypt their only oil wells) has been its people and their talent.

It's pretty much a secret, but Israel's expertise in the matters of fighting terrorism since 9/11 have been invaluable in helping our country fight it. Have you ever wondered how Israel can pinpoint the terrorists in the West Bank and Gaza right from the air, when these masterminds of terror are on their way to plan or carry out their bombings? Israel knows where all the terrorists are hiding and is helping the United States find them.
Maybe it's time for the Jewish State to start giving a bill for that aid. I'll bet it's a lot more valuable than the paltry $2.7 billion Israel receives. (I think that our CEOs are taking that much out of the till of their companies every year!)

I sat there astounded recently when I went out with a man who told me that it was time for the Israelis to leave and leave the country to those to whom it belonged. And this imbecile was a Jewish man! I don't know who worries me more. The obvious enemies or the brain-washed self-haters who give them encouragement.