Dear Judges: Take a Walk

Bravo! I applaud your ludicrous, pre-determined, one-sided and bigoted ruling vis-a-vis the fence we are building in Israel.

Isaac Kohn,

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Hague: Anti-Terror Fence is Illegal

14:21 Jul 09, '04 / 20 Tammuz 5764

"The International Court has ruled: Israel's anti-terrorism partition fence is a violation of international law, it must be torn down, and Israel must compensate Arab residents for the damage done. Israel does not plan to abide by the ruling."

An Open Letter to the International Court of Justice in the Hague

Dear Judges,

Bravo! I applaud your ludicrous, pre-determined, one-sided and bigoted ruling vis-a-vis the fence we are building in Israel. I applaud not for the justice this ruling is supposedly conveying. I am applauding you, for had you ruled differently, my supposition as to your unconditional, predetermined, anti-Semitic stance would have been wrong. Therefore, I applaud the fact that my correct assumption was proven right. Bravo.

Now that the niceties have been dispensed with, let me get down to the root of the problem you have determined is illegal, namely the fence being built in our liberated territories. The fence, which has proven its worth in gold in the fact that terrorism has been curtailed in most of the areas where this fence has been completed, is the fence you want me to tear down. But that is not of any importance to any of you.


After all, you remember those fences erected in Dachau, Aushwitz and Treblinka concentration and extermination camps? You saw no problem in those electrified, barbed wire fences, designed to keep me naked, starved, beaten and tortured. You exhibited not much concern when those fences around the crematoriums and killing fields took their grisly toll. Actually, you refused to get involved. In fact, the majority of your governments and citizenry celebrated the erection of such fences because it kept us dirty, filthy, black-plague spreading sub-human Jews from continuing to spread our disease. Your governments saw no injustice in the fences designed to separate me from my parents, my wife and my children. In fact, most of your populace (you know, those seeking justice by demanding that we tear down the fence we are building) enthusiastically embraced the concept of fencing me in and separating me from my property, my loved ones, my very life. Where was your indignation and outrage? Where, oh where, was the justice you claim you are pursuing?

There are fences in many areas in the world. Some are designed to prevent poor, starving people from seeking a better life just a few feet over the standing fence. They call these fences 'security against illegal immigration'. Then there are those fences and barriers that were built specifically to protect a populace burdened with a daily dose of terror and mayhem. They call them, if you are not aware, 'anti-terror security fences' and 'security fences separating conflict zones'. I wonder what would be your verdict vis-a-vis the American fence between Texas and Mexico? Or the fence between Kuwait and Iraq? Or Spain and Morocco? Or have you heard about the fence between India and Bangladesh?

Dear Judges,

There was no need to create another agency whose sole purpose is the condemnation of Israel and the defending of her enemies. For that, the UN already exists, as does the European Union. But now that you have established this kangaroo court, and have wrapped yourself in the mantle of world representation, may I suggest that you erase the word "justice" from the banner of your self-appointed court. There is no justice in what you seek. You are pursuing the wrong track.

The numbers matter not. Not so very long ago, you watched my loved ones burn in the furnaces behind the fences you cheerfully observed being built. You didn't sneeze once from the black acrid smoke and stench of our burning bodies. You shed no tears as my starved and emaciated children, my babies, stood a few feet from those concentration camp fences. You smiled as the old and the forlorn, the ones too despondent to continue, ended the miserable life you helped in inflicting, by running and touching the deadly fences. I still remember the sparking electricity frying those unfortunates hanging on the barbed wire. And the world you supposedly represent stood still.

Then... I was found 'guilty' in every war, every defensive action I took to protect myself. You condemned me in 1956 and forced me to retreat and surrender the belligerent territories I captured. In 1967, you stood by as Gamal Abdel Nassr of Egypt threatened to throw me into the sea and finish the job Hitler began. You stood by, unflinching, as the call for my annihilation was shouted throughout the Arab world. And then you condemned me for refusing to die. The echoes of the Six-Day War were still reverberating, but you proceeded immediately to demand that I, once again, relinquish what I justifiably won in my war of self-defense.

And the audacity continued unabated as you watched and applauded the Durban gathering of every possible anti-Semitic snake. And you uttered not a word of protest as the gathering meant to combat worldwide racism became a call for anti-Israel, anti-Semitic racism by the whole wide world. And only recently, without flinching, you found me guilty in Jenin and Bethlehem, in Gaza and in Ramallah, for responding to the vicious terrorist onslaught unleashed by your sweethearts.

Perhaps some clarification is necessary in order to set matters straight. Homicide bombings, sirs, are illegal. Ambushing innocent drivers and slaying sleeping children is also considered illegal in international law. Lynching, beheading and murdering pregnant mothers and tiny babies is also illegal. And, correct me if I'm wrong, blowing up buses carrying innocent civilians is illegal, isn't it? And using ambulances to transport explosives, is also, I believe, considered illegal. The list of illegalities committed by the vicious Arab marauders against my people is so well-documented that I need not bore you with every detail.

And what is also illegal, sirs, is my government's lukewarm response to the ongoing terror. No other country in the world would have tolerated the bloodshed we are experiencing by those hoodlums you are legitimizing. But the most prominent illegality inherent in the entire compilation of illegalities is the illegality of your asinine ruling.

I feel for you. Having set up your ludicrous puppet show, no other agenda ever reaches your desks. Inundated with the myriad problems I am creating in the world, your real task of pursuing justice in the world can not move forward. On the other hand, as I understand it, the focal point and main reason this illegal court was set up was to prosecute me for defending my existence. Every other supposed or proposed agenda must take a back seat to the immense problems my mere existence does create. For taking up so much of your precious time, I apologize profusely.

In conclusion, let me leave you with the following: As long as there are rulings, edicts, decisions and statements that declare, proclaim, announce and promote my guilt, I know that I am doing the right thing and walking the correct path. Shall you, ever, G-d forbid, applaud any action I take as the correct policy, I will begin to worry.

You can take a long walk on a short plank and thanks for the ruling. It will always remind me on which side of the fence you are standing.