Saudis - Practice What You Preach

Saudi Arabia needs to practice what it preaches, but not what it teaches (terrorism). It preaches that the United States needs to rethink its Middle East policies. Saudi Arabia must rethink its Middle East policies. The sooner Saudi Arabia does so, the better off they'll be.

Gary Fitleberg

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Saudi Arabia needs to practice what it preaches, but not what it teaches (terrorism). It preaches that the United States needs to rethink its Middle East policies. Saudi Arabia must rethink its Middle East policies. The sooner Saudi Arabia does so, the better off they'll be.

The United States should rethink its policies in the Middle East to counter frustration in the Islamic world over the "Israeli-Palestinian" (actually Arab-Israeli) conflict, the nephew of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd argued in an interview released recently. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal told the German weekly Der Spiegel that "the majority of Arabs and Saudis find that America is doing too little in Palestine and is downright submissive to Israel.

"America could force Israel into a peaceful solution and, in so doing, remove a significant cause of the terror we have," Prince Alwaleed was quoted as saying. "There is a lot of frustration in the Islamic world and America is not being helpful."

The prince, a billionaire who has invested heavily in fostering US-Muslim relations and is seen as independent of the Saudi government, stressed that "we are good friends of the United States, and I personally admire much about America.

"But I also say that the United States should think over its Middle East policy thoroughly," he said.

During the past year, Saudi Arabia has been rocked by suicide bombings, gun battles and kidnappings targeting foreign workers. The attacks have been blamed on Al-Qaeda and sympathizers of the network, which wants to topple the Saudi royal family.

In an amnesty offer, the Saudis said wanted militants who surrendered within one month would not face the death penalty. If they don't comply, Prince Alwaleed said, "we will treat them very unpleasantly.

"We were too soft up to now on the question of terror," he was quoted as saying. "But now our survival depends on the destruction of these terrorists."

Saudi Arabia is actually the birthplace and cradle of the extremist fanatical fundamentalist brand of Islam known as Wahabbism, which has created Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden and terrorist turmoil throughout the Middle East and internationally. At the same time, the alleged ally of America has utilized America for its own aims, while abhorring the beacon of democracy and freedom for "violating" its land while maintaining an invited presence.

What is Saudi Arabia doing about "the conflict" (with Israel)? Spending cash for terrorism.

Saudi Arabia, the wealthiest of all oil-rich nations could spend less on terrorism and more helping their Arab brethren and cousins with proper clothing, food and shelter. Instead, they wish to point to a political propaganda ploy and Arab League-created conflict and blame America, Israel and Western civilization.

Saudi Arabia must stop its state-supported terrorism to save itself from sure destruction. What goes around eventually comes around. The royal House of Saud better soon get their house in order, before it is too late to turn back.

Saudi Arabia must deal honestly from now on if it wants to survive terrorism. Saudi Arabia must not use the fictional Arab "Palestinian" nation and Arab "Palestinian" people as an internal cancer to destroy the one tiny, little Jewish nation-state of Israel, the only beacon of democracy and freedom in the evil neighborhood known as the Middle East.

Let's be honest, Saudi Arabia. There was never ever any Arab independent "Palestine" or "Palestinians" prior to 1948. The disputed territories of Gaza, Judea and Samaria belong to Israel ? biblically, historically, legally and morally. "Palestinians" were the Jews. They have been called many names, including Children of Israel, Hebrews, Israelites, Jews, Zionists and are today called Israelis. You can not eliminate them. They are there to stay. The sooner you Saudis realize that fact of life, the better off you'll be.

Saudi Arabia wants to exert political pressure on America to go against its ideals of what is morally and politically right. Instead, Saudi Arabia could force its Arab brethren and cousins into a peaceful solution, if it had the desire and will to do so. But that is anathema to its dream of the destruction of the only Jewish democracy and freedom-loving nation in a sea of corrupt dictatorships, ruthless repressive regimes and tyrannies - an Arab League of cold, dark, evil, extremist, fanatical fundamentalists.

There is a lot of frustration in Western civilization with these backwards, corrupt dictatorships, who have wrongfully utilized this created conflict for their own agenda and aims. One of which is to divert attention from their own human rights violations.

America must do what is right and not be lulled into a false sense of security by its purported allies and admirers such as the nephew of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd, Prince Alwaleed.

Saudi Arabia fosters international hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence throughout the world. Saudi Arabia teaches terrorism in its school textbooks, state-controlled media, and religious institutions. Saudi Arabia needs to honestly look in the mirror as to what is the solution to ending the conflict in the Middle East neighborhood.

Saudi Arabia is not America's ally, but the very antithesis of our morality and values, despite its false pledges of alliance and friendship. One must look at Saudi Arabia's actions rather than listen to its empty promises, threats and words. America must stand tall, especially against Saudi Arabia.

The American eagle shall never ever blink, but must always wisely think.