We Just Don?t ?Get it?

The newspapers are filled cover to cover with the latest war or terrorist attack by, amazingly enough, Muslims. We don?t read about dangers of Holland, Norway or even Russia, unless it?s some Islamic bombing there.

Arlene Peck

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When I was a little girl, my Momma used to tell me, ?When ?they? are paying your bills, then you have to listen to what ?they? are telling you.?

And, folks, lately, I don?t notice anybody paying my bills.

Which reminds me, who is paying for Israel?

Good heavens, with the billions and billions of dollars that are spent just in mergers between music and film companies in New York and Hollywood, the measly three billion that Israel gets isn?t even pocket change today. And, out of that, how much security and intelligence information is given to the United States by Israel?

The last I heard, the United States was even coming hat in hand to the Jewish State to so the Israeli Shin Bet could teach our country how to handle the dirty form of terrorism that we are experiencing daily from those poor, downtrodden Arabs, about whom the public has, until recently, spoken so kindly.

At the very least, we continue to be politically correct, so as to not hurt the feelings of the ?peaceful Muslim community?.

The newspapers are filled cover to cover with the latest war or terrorist attack by, amazingly enough, Muslims. We don?t read about dangers of Holland, Norway or even Russia, unless it?s some Islamic bombing there.

To put it another way, in the words of Shakespeare... ?To thine own self be true.? And folks, if the Israelis don?t look out for themselves, it?s become painfully obvious that nobody else is waiting in the wings to protect them.

We?ve long known that Israel has been fighting a war of ideas, a cultural war, and that large chunk of land bitten out of tiny Israel that Yasser Arafat already turned down, via Ehud Barak and his foolish negotiations, proved it. But the issue at this point is just accepting the fact that the world, not just Israel, is in a war of survival.

I used to write that, one day, if we didn?t back Israel the way we ought to, then we would be seeing those bombs going off in Starbuck?s and Bloomingdale?s. Mark my words, that day isn?t so far off. They?re already pulling our soldiers in Iraq out of automobiles, slitting their throats and mutilating their bodies. That?s the only way these people know how to fight. That, and going on buses or rushing into schools and blowing up everything in sight.

What does it take to ?get it??

But, hey, why should I only belabor the stupidity and short-slightness of my own government? At this point in time, after years of vicious terrorist attacks, I?m astounded that there is still a contingent of Israelis who adhere to leftist views. Much less, a group that is in power. Yet, that seems to be the case.

I was dumbfounded when they succeeded in silencing Arutz Sheva Radio. Now, the station directors are facing sentencing shortly for possible jail terms. Even Arutz Sheva?s world-wide website, which reaches millions, is facing abolishment on the pretense of ?incitement?.

It?s probably a good thing I?m still not living there, as they would have carted me off to jail long ago for the same thing.

This is ?political correctness? and censorship in its worst form, as it is aiding and abetting the enemy.

Maybe someone should tell the folks at Arutz Sheva that the lives of Israeli children are worth less than the lives of Palestinian children. Israel?s ambassador to the United Nations was reminded of that recently when he was forced to withdraw a resolution calling for the protection of Israeli children from terrorism. Incidentally, the same committee which refused to garner support from the organization?s191 members for that resolution, passed another resolution by a vote of 88 to 4, with 58 abstentions, calling for the protection of Palestinian children from Israeli aggression. These dangerous morons pass resolutions on Israel to protect and pander to the terrorists.

Unfortunately, our government is still taking the path of ?political correctness.? When these ?peaceful Islamists? are (again) bombing the Pentagon, we?ll probably still be concerned that nobody has their feelings hurt. Woody Allen, Theo Bikel, Barbara Streisand and Ed Asner will be taking out full page ads in the New York Times or the Los Anegeles Times saying how Islam is really, really a peaceful religion.

Well, folks I just don?t buy it.

We are trying to appease and reward Palestinian Arab terrorism by cutting off aid to Israel?s so-called ?occupied land.? At the same time, we continue to pour hundreds of millions into Arafat?s accounts to continue his terrorist activities. Somehow, everyone seems to have forgotten, while sending these Arab Palestinians their blood money, that the U.S. Congress passed a law that required that the Arabs first comply with a cessation of terror.

Doesn?t seem to matter, though.

All Arafat & Co. seem to do is assemble a fictitious report supporting the PLO claim to be complying with the Congressional law and their coffers keep getting filled.

Gee, do you think the terrorists have been reading Shakespeare or have learned the lesson we need to learn about watching out for No. 1?

You can still love others, but the lesson needed to be learned by our naive public is that you can love yourself more. However, it?s sad that some of these leftists never met a United States-hating tyrant that they couldn?t love and find something good in him to praise.

Someone wrote me that Southern thinking is killing someone who is robbing your home and threatening your family, and then calling 911 to report in and have the mess cleaned up. The ?liberal Yankees?, in contrast, call 911 after they?ve been robbed and attacked, to let the government take care of their problem.

I?m a Southern girl.