How can you affect today's election outcome with your smartphone?.

Information that bypasses the Israeli media is crucial for making a sensible decision.

David Bedein

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Voting booths
credit David Michael Cohen

The 1993 Oslo process produced  Israel's recognition of the Palestine Liberation Organization as a partner for peace.

That decision resulted from one major factor:

The mainstream Israeli media stopped reporting the reality of the PLO, which never ratified the  Oslo accords and never cancelled its charter to destroy the Zionist entity. This was reported. Yet the people of Israel do not know that.

Not only did the PLO refuse to condemn murders of Jews- the administrative arm of the PLO - the Palestinian Authority, enacted a formal ordinance in 2015 which formally provides a financial gratuity for anyone who murders a Jew. That award is also provided to the family of the killer. This has been reported.  the people of Israel do not know it.

The direct involvement of the PLO in the incitement of the rebellion against Israel is known to all of the media yet reported only sporadically. In the past month, as Israel approaches yet another national election, the press in Israel has once again downplayed the reality of the PLO war on Israel in order to get more citizens to vote left.

To test the waters of PLO incitement in the month before these crucial elections, Israel Resource News Agency dispatched a team of Jewish and Arab reporters to gather unseen footage from PLO and Israel sources and placed the results on a short video, which can be found at

Among other precious findings, we discovered that the Palestinian Security Forces had commissioned its own hour long documentary an hour in memory of a terrorist who was killed in action by the IDF. This is the same PSF that is  trained by Israel, the US and the EU to pursue terrorists in coordination with the IDF. For that reason, a snippet of the film in honor of the terrorist appears on the video which we have just produced.

Howcan you communicate the reality of PLO sanctioned  terrorism to the attention of the voters of Israel, who have no clue that the PLO acts in a state of full scale war with Israel?

Well, the wonders of social media enable anyone with an internet connection, smart phone or lap top to post this video on the net, and to “boost” this film to every possible  geographic location in Israel…on election day.  

Since the people of Israel are obsessively tied to their smart phones, like adults who were chocolate deprived children, there is every chance in the world that Israeli voters will spend an inordinate amount of time on their smart phones on election day. With so many major political parties who indeed define the PLO as a partner in peace, a voter who looks at this video will jpossibly change his mind on voting for those who believe that view. Perhaps the distribution of such a video will sway 10% of those who watch it to change their vote and vote right? That could affect the outcome of this close election. Worth a try, no?

Please share this video and boost it, to bring the truth of the PLO to the attention of as many voters as possible. And share all of our videos with Am Yisrael.

Full disclosure:

I did not produce these films to make a mint. I produced these movies to “let my people know” the nature of the enemy which is obfuscated by the mainstream media from the people of Israel