Would England have indicted Churchill during the Blitz?

Would England have indicted Winston Churchill for “whatever,” and taken him out as the Defender of the Free World during the Blitz?  Of course not! 

Mark Langfan

OpEds Rushing around putting out fires; Gaza
Rushing around putting out fires; Gaza
Mark Langfan

Imagine for a moment that during the height of the Blitz on England (later-1940 until mid-1941), with Hitler’s bombs raining down on civilians and killing almost 40,000 of them, that Winston Churchill had secretly said to a Times of London editor: “Give me somewhat better press, and I’ll help you with the Daily Mail.” 

Would England have indicted Winston Churchill for “whatever,” and taken him out as the Defender of the Free World?  Of course not! 

Would England have indicted Churchill with Hitler overtly cheering them on since Churchill’s rival was going to make “peace” with Hitler after he murdered 40,000 Britons?  Of course not. 

The problem Israel is facing is that its 6 Million Jews don’t think they are in the middle of a war in which their enemies want to brutally murder every Jew they can lay their hands on. 

Forget the diaspora Jews, the Jews of Israel seem to  live in a hermetic bubbled delusional calm when they are really sitting just outside the doors to a new Auschwitz oven ready to incinerate them all.

Don’t the Jews of Israel see that the Palestinian and Israeli Arabs, intentionally and with undisguised hatred, are burning Israel's forests and hinting of a coming genocide?  Isn’t this a modern-day Kristallnacht, the night the Nazis burned and looted Jewish synagogues and stores?

The Israeli Jew will argue that trees are just trees. But how about the recent report that Arab terrorists burned 50,000 chickens alive!  Alive. Does anyone doubt that if the same Arab terrorists could get their hands on 50,000 living Israeli Jews they would think twice about burning them?  And if they could incinerate 6,000,000 Israeli Jews? In fact, they would care more about the chickens.

But, what do most Israeli Jews do when they read that 50,000 live chickens were incinerated by local Arabs?  They get up, get on the bus to work, act like nothing is happening, and vote for Benny Gantz even though they know in their heart of hearts he is for a Two-State Solution. 

Well, something is happening and Israeli Jews had better wake up. Iran wants to burn Israel and its 6,000,000 Israeli Jews to a crisp.  Israel is in the middle of defending itself against the threat of a genocidal war of total annihilation.  And Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu is Israel’s Winston Churchill.  Actually, he isn’t just Israel’s Winston Churchill, he is the world’s Winston Churchill, because, Winston Churchill didn’t just save England, he saved the world.

Israel needs to understand the terrible reality that even if a week goes by without rockets, an Arab terrorist horribly murdering a young Israeli or a Palestinian Arab terrorist blowing himself up in a café, Israel is still in a war for its very existence.  That’s an evil reality, but it is the reality.  There is some hope and movement in some of the Arab world where there may a change in mindset.  But that day is still very far into the future.  Today, the Arabs, fueled by Iranian money and its malignant designs, stand ready to murder every one of the 6,000,000 Jews of Israel.

In World War II, there was a period early in the war called “The Phoney War” where from September 1939 to May 1940 Germany didn’t attack and everything looked deceptively, but delusionally, peaceful. The only “war” during this Phoney War was when France invaded western Germany’s Saar district. Israel is living through many “Phoney” Wars where everything looks, but isn’t, peaceful.  It’s an ugly reality, but the Jews have to steel themselves and remember that there are those who wish them to disappear.

Winston Churchill was far from perfect; Benjamin Netanyahu is far from perfect. Every leader is far from perfect, but in the middle of plans to start a war of genocide against the Jews, one doesn’t indict the heroic leader who is successfully leading the fight against the enemy.  6,000,000 Israeli Jews need to understand that, right now, Binyamin Netanyahu is their first, and last, line of defense against a terrible fate.