Why Justice Jeanine Pirro and Zang Toi stand out as friends of Israel

It's no secret that these two, one a justice and the other a fashion icon, are true friends of the Jewish state.

Cindy Grosz

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Jeanine Pirro is America’s Judge.  Need proof, check out her ratings every Saturday night.  Need more proof, check out the demand she gets for live appearances.  Need further proof, read her new number ONE bestseller, Radicals, Resistance and Revenge.

It’s no secret Judge Jeanine Pirro loves Israel, and Israel loves Pirro.  The host of Fox News' Justice with Judge Jeanine  and I met at the Embassy opening in Jerusalem, where she was the only American to interview Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at that time.  Pirro was suspended last spring for calling out remarks by anti-Semitic Ilhan Omar, something I believe Fox News mishandled, given the words and actions by the three congresswomen since.

I have the honor to be only of the first journalists to interview her. We discussed how disappointing the Jewish support for President Trump is, despite multiple legislation not only championing our relationship, but actually going against Israel’s opponents.  It’s especially frustrating watching Jewish Democratic elected officials going against the president, even calling for his impeachment when investigations they oversea prove no wrongdoings.

We also talked out her administration for people like Ambassador David Friedman and Zionist Organizations Of America President, Morton Klein, two men I know well.

Her book picks up where her #1 New York Times bestseller, Liars, Leakers and Liberals, left off, and exposes the latest chapter in the unfolding liberal attack on our most basic values. 

It is an easy read.  Fans will recognize popular themes and “opening statement” quotes Pirro has become legendary for.  She makes no apologies for appreciating democracy, freedoms and America’s friendships with Israel.

Chapters range from: Here’s My Open, Open Season on Conservatives, Now They’re Getting Downright Nasty and Resisting Reality.

Pirro makes no apologies for respecting and supporting President Donald Trump.  He has been a target since that day in November, 2016, when everyone “supposedly wanted Hillary Clinton to win.  She points out elected officials, government staff and mainstream media figures who have spent what seems like every waking minute plotting against the 45th President, despite a great economy and keeping promises like moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, something that many promised, but didn’t fulfill.

She also is happy that little by little, but not far enough, the people are waking up and calling out those who seek to cause trouble like Christine Blasey Ford and Debra Messing.  



Zang Toi — A NYFW Icon

You might not be familiar with his name— but you should be.  He is not Jewish, but supports Israel. He might not have been Bar Mitzvahed, but has been to many and loves a great party.  How do I know, because he is a friend and we discuss this all the time. “I have very loyal clients from Israel and the Jewish community, adding, I admire the strength of the people of Israel,” Toi told me in a recent interview. His standing room only audience included many Jewish philanthropists including Audrey Gruss.

New York Fashion Week opened with video discussions co-sponsored by Mercedes Benz with Halima and Noor wearing hijabs and discussing their triumphs and challenges to pave the way for others to be a part of the fashion business. While we should appreciate multiculturalism in the arts, history shown this also becomes anti-Israel and a political statement rather than an recognition of talent and admiration of our differences.

We need our friends.  

Toi was celebrating his thirtieth year in the business.  His clothes are exquisite, and they don’t come cheap. Sitting front row supporting him were Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, Marla Maples, Patti LaBelle and several supermodels and reality television stars.

Toi has fulfilled a wide range of styles for his Jewish and Israeli clients, and as he told me, he dresses for modest women  and the very trendy of Tel Aviv. His latest collection didn’t disappoint, from pastel gowns, to lots of elegant white. Intricate details from roses and pedals to sequin leaves highlighted the show.  Close friend and supermodel, Carol Alt, closed the show in a white, caped design that would look just as glamorous on a bride, or the grandmother of the groom. I teased Guilfoyle it’s perfect for an inauguration ball!

Toi’s show stood out at fashion week for several reasons.  Toi is from Malaysia, where family values and relationships are stressed, like in our Orthodox communities.  It was obvious as many from his family work within his business.  

Toi gets grief for dressing the Trump Family.  He has dressed them for years, way before President Donald Trump announced his candidacy.  He has dressed Ivana Trump and Marla Maples. Ivanka modeled for him years ago. Yet, when he created the tails for the Trump men during their official visit to Buckingham Palace, while receiving rave reviews for the clothes, received adversity from those in the business that push inclusion and diversity.  

Toi’s show represented a dying breed of style and class.  People dressed up, classical live music was part of the show, and philanthropists and socialites wore gowns bought from previous collections as a sign of support.  The night was total class!!!


He recently opened his first stand-alone Zang Toi boutique, an 800-square-foot storefront on Lexington Avenue near 75th Street, after years of selling through private customers and larger department stores.

Zang, in the Jewish religion, we bless each other to live until 120... you are only a quarter there!  

Several of the shows took place on 9/11.  I wore clothes I own with the American flag.  I was interviewed about it. “I want everyone participating in NYFW to remember that they are coming here from all over the world celebrating their freedom of speech, creativity and making money.  Steps away, 3000 people were murdered by those wanting to take those freedoms away.”

Those who hate America, often hate Israel and visa versa.  We need friends like Jeanine Pirro and Zang Toi!


Cindy Grosz is an Advisor for the National Diversity Coalition for Trump.  She created the National Jewish Voter Registration Drive. She is also the Long Island Chair for Jews Choose Trump. She is also a committeewoman for The Exodus Movement’s Nassau County chapter. She has been acknowledged as the Jewish Patriot Award recipient from the Queens County GOP and has received multiple Aishes Chayil awards from Jewish Organizations.  She will be co-hosting during the new season of The Jersey Joe Show, WOR710AM in NY, Sunday nights at 7PM, or anytime on iHeartRadio. You can reach her at cindyscorners@gmail.com or on social media at @cindyscorners