Netanyahu's rivals' smart move would be to support cameras at polls

Observation: The left and the leftist media are pulling all stops, having taken sides against putting cameras in polling stations during the counting to prevent fraud. Here is why this is a grave mistake on their part.

Dr. Aaron Lerner

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It appears that all the traditional centers of power of the left have joined together with the leaders of the left-wing parties to insure a victory for Binyamin Netanyahu and the national camp.

Here is how the situation today is perceived by Israelis associated with and/or leaning to support the national camp:

#1. The police have opted to close the books on the numerous detailed reports of problems at polling stations in Arab communities.

#2. The arguments presented against allowing poll observers to document procedures with cameras fail to cite any actual laws explicitly violated by the action but instead engage in mental gymnastics.  And this as election officials institute time consuming procedures for handling complaints of voting-fraud-in-progress which don't jibe with the short time frame that voting fraud takes.

Yes, the Israeli media is pulling all the stops opposing the Likud sponsored legislation that would allow poll observers to use cameras.

But I doubt that it is convincing anyone in the national camp to oppose the law.

And when the various legal authorities weighed in against the proposed law it only served to reinforce what is perceived as their bias against the notional camp.

There are now two likely scenarios:

#1. The Likud sponsored law passes and the Supreme Court immediately rejects appeals to void the law: the news cycle of the camera story ends with enough time for something else to capture the headlines before we vote next week.

National camp voters are complacent because the threat of massive voting fraud in the Arab sector (which allegedly took place in the first election) has been addressed by the legislation.

#2. The Likud sponsored law fails to pass or is voided by the Supreme Court: the danger of voting fraud continues to take center stage right up to election day, with the national camp warning that only a dramatic increase in voter participation rates can offset the voting fraud.

It is mind boggling that the left is pushing for #2.

Keep in mind:  this election every Likud poll observer has an app on their smart phone to instantly update as literally every person votes.  If this information is somehow linked to a data base of potential national camp
supporters this means that the Likud can identify in real time who hasn't yet voted and act on it.

One would expect that this tool will be magnitudes more effective under scenario #2.


This is not a conspiracy of all the traditional centers of power of the left together with the leaders of the left-wing parties to insure a victory for Binyamin Netanyahu and the national camp. It just seems like it.

It's Tic-Tac-Toe players in a chess match.

Originally posted on IMRA