A Guide to B’Tselem: Israel’s in-house subsidized fifth column

Who are the 'victims' the so-called human rights organization publicizes? Here are three of them and the fact about each that the organization forgot to mention.

Lee Kaplan

OpEds Hevron funeral after bodies of five terrorists returned
Hevron funeral after bodies of five terrorists returned
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B’Tselem is a non-governmental organization that wants you to think it is a pacifist movement guarding against “human rights abuses” by the IDF against the civilian Palestinian Arab population both inside Israel's pre-1967 borders (actually Armistice lines) and the 'West Bank' and Gaza.

Although today it is run by Israeli anarchist leaders, in the past, B’tselem was run by American anarchists living in Israel. “B’Tselem” means “in Thine own image,” a biblical quote referring to man's soul, applying the lie that it exists solely to keep Israel on the straight and narrow regarding human rights.

A better look shows that B’Tselem is a dedicated fifth column against the Jewish state and an unannounced ally of the likes of Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Fatah and the PFLP. B’Tselem is funded by a plethora of EU NGOs that openly promote BDS and could be termed a “back door” for Israel’s enemies to roam about the Jewish state and worldwide media trying to convince the world that the IDF is Jack the Ripper.

B’Tselem writes on its website that “in its capacity as a human rights organization – now unequivocally demands an end to the occupation. To promote that goal, B’Tselem works to expose the injustice, violence and dispossession inherent to the regime of occupation, to deconstruct the apparatuses that enable it, and challenge its legitimacy in Israel and internationally”.

“Occupation,” of course, has multiple meanings to the BDS and anti-Israel media war machines. Sometimes it is used referring only to the 'West Bank' and Gaza, but most of the time it means all of Israel. Point of fact, B’Tselem sees itself as a media and propaganda tool against the entire Jewish state.

To be sure, it is not the only one. Various sinecures are doled out to similar NGO’s such as Breaking the Silence, Who Profits, Zochrot and Ta’ayush, all  working toward the same end. But how much does the average working Israeli or American really see beyond the façade?

My staff and I did some experimentation. We poured through B’Tselem’s website and list of Palestinian Arabs who supposedly had their human rights denied. For brevity we concentrated on the list of Palestinians who B’Tselem says were killed by the IDF for what would seem little or no reason. (That illuminates what B’Tselem is all about.)  What we did was take these scenarios, reported as abuses, and followed up on the victims.

Most were reported as killed by the IDF for little or “no reason at all”, killed while not engaging in military activity such as merely entering their own home. We next took those names and went into the websites of Hamas, the Izzideen al Haq, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups. What we found was that people reported as “innocent victims” of the IDF and Israel’s existence in almost every case were bona fide killers. After posting their bios on the B’Tselem website, it was commonplace to see that most of these people were in fact hardcore terrorists.

How did we know? The Palestinians are great ones for colorful imagery. The different terrorist groups have their own colors like neighborhood street gangs in the U.S. For example, Hamas has green, Palestinian Islamic Jihad has gold on black, Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade (usually Fatah) has yellow. The Iz ad-Din al Qassem Brigades, a part of Hamas that shoots missiles into Israel uses headbands in green (most units do) and even the Al Quds Brigade that is an Iranian proxy for Hamas. The PFLP uses red.

Of course, B’Tselem conceals what these colors mean. Below is just a small list of terrorists killed by the IDF in combat or while trying to attack Israelis.


B’TSELEM ‘s choice of “victims”. 

  • Hamzah Jamal 'Abd a-Salam Abu al-Heija
    21 years old, resident of Jenin R.C, killed on 22 Mar 2014 in Jenin R.C, by live ammunition. . Additional information: Shot in the course of an arrest raid to apprehend him. Abu al-Heija holed up in a home, and exchanges of gunfire between him and Border Police officers of the Special Central Unit ensued. The police also fired a rocket at the house. Abu al-Heija was shot outside the home in which he had holed up. Earlier, another person had been killed in the refugee camp while throwing Molotov cocktails at security personnel in the course of clashes that erupted there. Another person was killed while carrying Abu al-Heija’s body.
  • Muhammad 'Omar Saleh Abu Zeinah
    21 years old, resident of Jenin R.C, killed on 22 Mar 2014 in Jenin R.C, by live ammunition. . Additional information: Shot while carrying the body of Hamzah Abu al-Heija who had been killed just before by security personnel gunfire. Abu al-Heija had been killed in the course of an arrest raid to apprehend him. Before Abu al-Heija, another person had been killed while throwing Molotov cocktails at security personnel in the course of clashes that erupted in the refugee camp.
  • Yazan Mahmoud Bassem Jabarin
    19 years old, resident of Jenin R.C, killed on 22 Mar 2014 in Jenin R.C, by live ammunition. . Additional information: Shot while throwing Molotov cocktails at security personnel in clashes between residents of the refugee camp and troops on an arrest raid to apprehend Hamzah Abu al-Heija. Abu al-Heija was killed by security forces’ gunfire shortly thereafter and another person in the refugee camp was killed while carrying Abu al-Heija’s body.

Terrorist funeral

What a sight as we see a funeral in living color. The bodies on the biers are Heija, Zeinah and Jabarin, those mentioned above.





It’s funny  how B’TSELEM MAKES NO MENTION OF THIS...There are many, many more.

Attempts to say these were just an aberration are easily refuted by going to websites of the terrorist groups based in Gaza. B’Tselem clearly wants the Israeli, EU and U.S. public to think every Arab terrorist killed is an innocent civilian killed as the result of an occupation. Such terrorists are listed  as “martyrs”, even heroes, to an international audience.

That international audience serves an important purpose to the terrorists and to B’Tselem in particular; the bulk of B’Tselem’s funding comes from the EU that would have no problem with Israel disappearing as a Jewish state. Less of the overseas funding comes from the USA, but B’Tselem USA as a U.S. subsidiary there nevertheless also raises money it doles out to the world to be used to attack Israel’s existence. And for American donors it’s tax deductible.

At least the IRS in the U.S. requires reporting of what U.S. NGO’s do with money they raise. But it’s small consolation. B’Tselem USA as a 501 c 3 educational nonprofit raised over $400,000 in the U.S. in 2016 although nobody knows where it came from. B’Tselem doles the money out to “entities” unknown in Arab states and countries that support BDS such as Egypt, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Iran (Yes! Even Iran!), Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Brunei, Oman, Malaysia and of most interest, Algeria.

B’Tselem USA denies in the question and answer part of their return that they do this. But in another section, it clearly shows they did so. U.S. Law disallows nonprofits like B’Tselem USA to donate funds to these states under any circumstances if BDS is codified into national law such as Algeria does. The Americans are as remiss as the Israelis in not going after this fifth column..

So we have a nonprofit representing Israel’s enemies sending large sums of money to Arab and Muslim states which have nothing to do with B’Tselem’s largely fabricated “occupation” or concern for “human rights.” The terrorist groups mentioned above no doubt have offices in those countries where the money can be laundered to promote the war on Israel and BDS. Remember, all this money is collected in the U.S. tax free.

Think about that next time the Qassems are flying overhead.