It's time to punish false accusers and their supporters

That candidate can be you tomorrow, with rumors or assertions from a disgruntled neighbor, jealous coworker or closet anti-Semite and Israel hater.

Cindy Grosz

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US Supreme COurt

It's a Jewish issue on all fronts.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh was a lucky victim.  He was able to confront his accusers, have President Trump, the Republican Party and Fox News support him.  As time passed, and Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed, information has reached the public that proved while Ms. Ford suffered a terrible experience, a conspiracy of sorts was behind the attempt, aimed at not confirming any Republican choice to hold a seat on the Supreme Court. 

Most victims are not so lucky, and many are Jewish.  They lose their jobs and are often financially and emotionally destroyed.  They have little or no support, and no media covers their case.

Meet the Victims of the 3020a Kangaroo Court Harassing Jews 

The 3020a Education Law and legal hearings regarding the termination of teachers could be compared to the phony Trump collusion scandals.  They include; phony allegations, tampering with evidence, redacted emails and texts, perjury and a waste of millions of taxpayer dollars.  

How do I know? As an education activist, the victims seek me out for help.  They share with me the documentation, ask me to listen to their witnesses. There is a common pattern to the stories:

Usually, a Jewish tenured teacher, with an unblemished professional record is suddenly the target of an administrator.  Many are brought up on charges two ways, incompetence or some kind of verbal or other abuse.  These charges come out of nowhere.  I have had educators share accusations ranging from excessive absences when they are out of work for Jewish religious observances, to Jews targeted for calling out anti-Semitism in a school building. Veteran Jewish educators are often victims of false claims because it is cost-effective to hire two new teachers for the salary of one.

All of a sudden, a case is made and after a stellar career of teaching, evidence and witnesses come out of the woodwork.  Teachers go to their union for help.  Unbeknown to them, the union, the department of education's investigations offices and the school's administrators are all in cahoots to get rid of them. And, they are gone, humiliated and suffering.

A professional reputation is tarnished, an income eliminated. Many suffer depression.  Some have told me the anxiety of these trials cause divorces, miscarriages and health issues.  Friends become acquaintances, and coworkers shun them.  Getting a job is nearly impossible.

The worst is that federal and state laws that are punishable as felonies are broken routinely, with the help of arbitrators and judges.  These broken laws are easily provable and punishable. Transcripts and evidence offered into the legal hearings prove it.  I've seen it myself.  Those who break the laws are rewarded with all kinds of perks, salary increases and they eventually retire with full benefits.

Is this Ethically Correct?

Jews are often the accusers, conspirators or those being accused.  

Many rabbis spoke about Jewish Values during the Kavanaugh hearings.

Rabbi Pesach Lerner,  president of the Coalition for Jewish Values told me, "The Torah says: “Lo yakum eid echad b’ish… Al pi shnei eidim oh al pi shloshah eidim yakum davar” — “A single witness shall not stand up against any man… according to two witnesses or according to three witnesses shall a matter be confirmed.” (Deut. 19:15). Those two witnesses, neither of whom was the accuser or any close relative of the accuser or the accused, were fully investigated and interrogated before they were accepted. The Torah is very concerned about the rights and reputation of the accused, and that is the Jewish view."

“The Bible not only doubly emphasizes that ‘justice, justice shall you pursue,’ (Deut. 16:20),” said Rabbi Dov Fischer, West Coast Regional VP of the CJV, “but it also enjoins us to avoid peddling in unsubstantiated rumors. (Lev. 19:16) People can easily make mistakes and harm the innocent. Furthermore, we should be judged on the totality of our lives, not merely on one alleged incident, and certainly not on an incident that is unsubstantiated and unprovable.”

While appreciating the pain of the events experienced by Dr. Ford, the Rabbis pointed out that the Senate was prepared to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh as an extraordinarily well-qualified candidate until opposing Senators pulled out her initially-anonymous letter as a last-ditch effort to block the vote — and then failed to corroborate her charge. 

“Is it now the American way to discard an outstanding candidate,” asked Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld, Vice President of the CJV, “based solely upon an uncorroborated, unsubstantiated accusation that is even contradicted by those named to support it? It is immoral to besmirch someone’s name in the court of public opinion on ‘evidence’ that would not stand in a court of law.”

The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), the largest rabbinic public policy organization in America, articulates and advocates for public policy positions based upon traditional Jewish thought.

That candidate can be you tomorrow, with rumors or assertions from a disgruntled neighbor, jealous coworker or closet anti-Semite, Israel hater.

College Campus False Allegations

I recently spoke with Margaret C. Valois, Civil Right Durector of SAVE: Stop Abusiveand Violent Environments. False accusations of sexual abuse are becoming an epidemic on college campuses. Women use these false allegations as a power play, according to Valois.  Schools, for fear of lawsuits, take immediate actions, even if a report has no evidence to back it up.  Students living on campus are immediately removed, and they are expected to attend classes as if nothing is wrong.

Not only do we have to worry about our sons facing Israel hate, we now have to worry about this.

Stop Mass Hysteria

I urge everyone to read Michael Savage's latest book, Stop Mass Hysteria.

Savage and I discussed the book. False allegations are part of a bigger plan.  We, as Jews, know better than most about false charges from our history as victims in court cases like Alfred Dreyfus and Leo Frank.  It was shameful to hear names like Blumenthal, Feinstein and Schumer hide evidence and forget that one is innocent until proven guilty. Their actions incite anti-Semitism and have long term affects.

President Trump should appoint the appropriate staff within the Attorney General's office to enforce laws punishing anyone, any group and especially those getting paid with our tax dollars if they take part in any false allegation case.  If nothing else, it will make false accusers think twice and save state and federal governments millions of dollars in settlements and investigations.

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