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Cindy Grosz

This article is dedicated to the memory of Ari Fuld, a warrior on reporting accurate facts about Israel.

Schools are in session and now is the perfect time for every student, teacher, faculty member and taxpayer to review the curriculum guides, syllabuses, extra materials, textbooks and each teacher's professional background.  

Why, school sessions are beginning in many countries.  It is only weeks away from elections in the United States.  You, the taxpayer and voter, have a lot of influence, more than you realize.  

Just this past week, mainstream media in New York reported three incidents that are scary:

*The New York Times refused to publish a story on Ari Fuld's murder.

* Texas schools eliminated historical figures Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller from social studies classes claiming there were too many figures for students to study.

*A Hispanic principal is using his power to terminate Jewish teachers from his staff in a Manhattan high school.

Do you think the decision makers in these situations would have any trouble twisting the accurate, historical, legal and religious facts about Israel? 

Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer is the Director Of Jihad Watch, and Author Of the new book, The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS.  This is his eighteenth book.

Robert Spencer has a homework assignment for you:

Check every textbook, handout, assignment and school program. Look for the following: Compare how facts are shared by comparing what is taught about Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  If lessons are filled with criticism of Judeo-Christian values, distort history and sound like opinions, then contact the local elected officials, school board and media immediately.  These classrooms often paint Islam as rosy, never mention Jihad and change the facts of September 11th.  

Go to Your School Boards, Local and State Elected Officials and Local Media

Politicians want two things from you, your donor money and your vote.  Without them, they are out!  Want proof:

In December 2015, I contacted two New York Assemblymen.  By February, 2016, a bill passed the New York State Assembly. Here is a press release detailing the bill to have oversight on classroom materials.

Assemblyman Brian Curran (Lynbrook – 21st A.D.) and Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) recently held a press conference with education activists highlighting legislation (A.9057) that would prohibit the use of textbooks and materials that redefine the roles of Jews, Christians, African-Americans and all groups in American History, and would create the New York State Textbook Commission to regulate instructional material used in New York State elementary school classrooms.

“There is nothing more important than our children’s elementary school education because that experience shapes each child and helps inspire their futures– it is probably the most impactful period of their learning,” said Curran. “Everyone would agree that having textbooks depict accurate facts and data, and not misleading or confusing information, is of the utmost importance. The bias that exists in some textbooks currently in use today simply does not accurately represent Judeo-Christian history in the United States. By creating this commission, New York State will be in a better position to have input and oversight on what textbooks and instructional materials get used in our elementary schools.”

Curran worked with education activist Cindy Grosz, who found evidence that some textbooks used in New York and in states like Texas, Florida and Tennessee distort American historical facts by using anti-Semitic and anti-Judeo-Christian language, with a pro-Islam bias and “politically correct” themed content. Many textbooks also distort the facts surrounding the history of African-Americans, especially during the slave-trade era and civil rights movement. Curran noted that his bill has no fiscal implications to the taxpayers of New York State, except saving costs from possible lawsuits.

“This proposal to establish a commission to review education textbooks isn’t only welcome, it’s essential,” Assemblyman Dov Hikind said. “Unfortunately, circumstances have proven the need to address anti-Semitism and the ongoing bias toward people of different race, religion and ethnicity within our state public school systems. Look no further than the two recent incidents within the Greater Hudson Valley area that saw highly inappropriate, anti-Semitic videos being shown to young impressionable minds. Throughout the years, I’ve been a continuous advocator for people’s rights and, today, I continue that trend with Assemblyman Curran’s commission proposal. In closely reviewing textbook and educational content, we’ll be better equipped in thwarting this ongoing bias that exists throughout the world.”

According to the bill memorandum, the purpose of this bill is to create a commission which has the authority to review textbooks in an effort to make the curriculum of New York State fair to all students and free of any slanted bias toward pro-Islamic traditions, anti-Semitism and anti-Judeo/Christian values and race. It will also impact materials brought into a classroom and how assignments are prepared for teaching. Further investigations will review teacher guides and training that is used in conjunction with both textbook series and supplementary materials.

 “I commend Assemblyman Curran for recognizing that this is a serious and increasing problem in our country. Creating a bill that prevents this bias within our textbooks and educational system from occurring is a great step in the right direction. Textbooks and instructional material used in elementary classrooms should not be promoting any particular political or social agenda. It should be an accurate portrayal of how history has unfolded, as best as we can interpret it. This legislation will be an example of how New York State can lead the way into the quest for nonpartisan improvement of education, serving all students equally, without discrimination or bias.”

The bill states that, according to the Reading and Writing Project from Columbia University, there are too many textbooks around the country for all states to mandate and regulate what gets put into textbooks. Since there are biases in our textbooks, the tests students receive could have pro-Islamic bias and distorted American facts as well. The intent of the commission is to oversee the textbooks our children are receiving, as well as their education. For example, a teacher could not bring in any “supplemental” reading/textbook material without authorized consent of the textbook governing body’s written approval.

Grosz cited the recent lawsuit filed in Maryland federal courts promoting Islam over other religions as one of the most important reasons this commission is needed at this time.

“New Yorkers do not need money and efforts wasted on lawsuits that can be avoided, and instead, spend the money and devote efforts effectively for safety, supplies and staffing of our schools throughout New York,” said Grosz. She stressed the importance of textbooks stating accurate facts about Africans being brought to America during the days of slavery as well, citing the 2015 case in Texas when a textbook called slaves “workers” and “immigrants.”

I suggest going to your representatives and asking them to  sponsor bills similar to this.  Research if they take money from teachers’s unions. Hold them accountable.  Complacency and silence means they don't support you.  Don't vote for them.  Afraid of the unions, contact me directly and I will connect you with appropriate Jewish leadership.

Accurate History Writing Contest

On October 21st, I am going to be honored by The Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation with the Rachel Imeinu Chesed Award.  At the ceremony, we are initiated a Writing Contest on factual events of Israel.  Here are some details:

RCRF 5779 Writing Contest

Entries from all age groups and schools:

2-4 pages, $100 each Topic


1. My Roots: The Rachel in My Family. 

2: Jerusalem Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Emigration

3. Jerusalem : 58 Synagogues before Jordanian Occupation 

4. Yisrael ben Moshe of Najara: Chief Rabbi of Gaza. 

5. Yoel Moshe Salomon:  From Jerusalem to ...

For information and reservations, email me at

I will be following this article up with classroom lessons from Jewish Day Schools and yeshivas.  Remember, do your homework, you expect your kids to do it.

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