Is a porn star the best they’ve got?

Resist Trump and America will come to you…well, the Liberal half...

Jack Engelhard

OpEds President Rivlin meets with US Democrats in Jerusalem
President Rivlin meets with US Democrats in Jerusalem
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Several readers keep asking why I haven’t written about Stormy Daniels. Well I have, somewhere, but that is one name I’d rather not perpetuate.

Liberals do it enough. They don’t need me to make her even more rich and famous, and we are still talking about a porn star.

Those are people you’d never bring home to Mom and Dad. You’d never take her to the Prom.

At this rate Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner will soon be Guess Who’s Coming (as keynote speaker) to the Democratic National Convention.

Oh no? Oh yes. Look how far we’ve come. Or should I say look how low we’ve sunk. A Party so impoverished for leadership can’t be too particular. On the other hand – there’s Donald Trump. His muscular foreign policy took another turn when (at this writing) he cancelled his meeting with Kim Jong Un to illustrate that he won’t play with tyrants as Democrats play with Stormy Daniels porn stars.

Today’s Democrats are proud (or rather not ashamed) to introduce someone like that to Mom and Dad and to the entire nation…and as a person to be admired. Trash is good.

More than that, they have selected her to serve as their headliner. In search of a hero, they chose her. Is she the best they’ve got?

Well listen to this -- West Hollywood, Calif. has proclaimed a particular day of the week “Stormy Daniels Day” and have given her a key to the city. Is this a joke? No.

This is a feast for Liberals and if you are in the vicinity, “Daniels will sign autographs and meet fans” – lucky you who will have something to show your grandkids someday.

“Daniels will sign autographs and meet fans” – lucky you who will have something to show your grandkids someday.
She has already starred on SNL, the seal of approval from the culture, the same culture that is confused between right and wrong and finds no wrong in MS-13 and Hamas, killers all.

A moment of silence in tribute to slain Hamas murderers at this New York City High School, Beacon, is, as people used to say, a sign of the times. So is Stormy Daniels.

To have a particular story to tell, is that all it takes to make it in America? Well, first you have to claim that back in 2006 you had a fling with Donald Trump, and then go tell it to all the papers, then smile pretty but act like a victim for the cameras, and at last you are ready for your close-up, not for the nation entirely, but for the Democratic Party surely.

To be precise, she is being hailed in West Hollywood for her “leadership in the Resist Trump Movement,” a virtue that stands for Liberals everywhere. Yes, this is all it takes.

Resist Trump and America will come to you…well, the Liberal half.

This is where you go, I suppose, when your idols keep being smashed. Obama – the more America learns about him the less America likes him and as for Hillary, nobody ever liked her.

So it is Stormy Daniels – their standard-bearer. They take her seriously. CNN and The New York Times often lead with her. They photograph her, naturally, but they also quote her, as if she were H.L. Mencken or Charles Krauthammer, a porn star. She gives Press Conferences. They want to know what she THINKS.

Should the United States go ahead with North Korea? Ask Stormy. Should the Palestinian Arabs be given even an inch of Jerusalem? Never, say we the Republicans.

But Stormy speaks for the Democrats, so we know that answer even before the question…but people (Liberals) want to know. At least they want to snap her picture.

Is there no one else on the bench for them, or in the bullpen warming up? Apparently not, since she is already past her 15 minutes of fame with no one around to replace her.

So she is already signing autographs and soon the books and the movies and I am sure agents and publishers are already at her feet.

This is their role model…and they are not ashamed.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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