Lucky Ahed Tamimi

It was a win-win situation for the brat who slapped two IDF soldiers.

Prof. George Jochnowitz

OpEds Who's abusing whom?
Who's abusing whom?

What did Ahed Tamimi expect would happen when she went to two Israeli soldiers and began to slap and punch them? Did she think that they would simply kill her? After all, they were armed and she was attacking them. Did she want to be killed? Then she would be a martyr and would go directly to heaven.

Perhaps Tamimi knew that since she had recently passed her 17th birthday, her parents might arrange a marriage for her. This is a normal procedure in Arab communities. Her husband might be violent. Wives are frequently subjected to violence in the Arab world.

Did Tamimi think that it would be much more pleasant to get killed and go to heaven? That is certainly a possibility.

On the other hand, maybe she knew that Israeli soldiers only shoot to kill when they feel endangered. Being slapped and punched is not life threatening. Despite the fact that Israel is frequently threatened by its enemies, Israel has typically shown restraint. Tamimi might have known that she would emerge from the incident unhurt. The world would learn about it. She would be loved and admired.

That is indeed what happened.

People everywhere are praising Tamimi and condemning Israel. The opposite should be true. A nation that has never known peace has an army that understands it may not respond if there is no threat to human life. Tamimi proved this to the world. The world, however, never saw what was in front of its eyes.

Is there any country in the world where soldiers may be slapped and punched without responding? Israel is the obvious answer. Tamimi either knew this before the incident occurred or has discovered this as a result of her own action. Does she admire Israel? That is a silly question. She hates Israel.

Is she disappointed that she wasn’t martyred? We don’t know.

What is the most hated country on earth? Iran? North Korea? The United States? The answer seems to be Israel, the only nation that is targeted by the BDS Movement.

Lucky Ahed Tamimi. No matter what the outcome of her violence had been, she would have won.