Europe, stop giving lessons to Israel

The old continent is going through a great eclipse of reason.

Giulio Meotti

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European Parliament
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Is it not wonderful to witness the silence of Europe on Iran's aggression against Israel and the self-defense of the Jewish State? Europe seems to have chosen the path of cowardice and disgrace, the road to progressive moral and political decadence.Europe has chosen Iran over Israel.

Pacifism, appeasement and cowardice have never led to anything but one outcome: War.
The old continent is living through a great eclipse of reason, the end of which we do not see. Then we complain if Europe matters little: tomorrow and the day after tomorrow it will matter less and less. Israel will know how to defend itself, but Europe risks becoming the enslaved peninsula of the Middle East in chaos.

Iran, revived by pusillanimous Western money, beats on the war drum and attacks Israel through Hezbollah and Syria. What will European bureaucrats do? Will they ask for “calm on both sides”? Will the UN, which has already succumbed to the rogue states, condemn the “Israeli retaliation”?

What will those anxious about the Polish law on the extermination camps say in the face of a Holocaust denial regime, semi-nuclear, with long-range missiles and obsessed with the destruction of the “Zionists”?

Pacifism, appeasement and cowardice have never led to anything but one outcome: War.

What other democracy in the world wakes up every morning, goes to the cinema, builds, creates and enjoys life while its security forces have to foil an average of 3 attacks per day? In Israel, a terrorist war is ongoing and that does not emerge in the international media and in foreign relations.

Even the perception of what that small country has to face is lacking. The Shin Bet, Israel's internal secret service, just gave us the numbers: 113 attempted or successful terrorist attacks in the month of January in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. An average of 3 attacks per day in the streets, against the soldiers, at the checkpoints. And looking back at 2017, over 1,100 foiled terrorist attacks.

Which European country, that now sides with Iran, would resist in those conditions?  Look in the mirror before giving lessons to Israel.