The hypocrisy of World Holocaust Memorial Day

The direct and indirect threats against Israel that go unpunished make a mockery of Holocaust Remembrance.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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In 2035, it is predicted that just 26,000 Holocaust survivors will live in Israel. But it is not only time to discuss the threats to Holocaust memory,it is also time to face the international festival of hatred. And Iran is at its head.

The most powerful state in the Middle East, which controls de facto four Arab capitals (Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad and Sanaa), has made Holocaust denial and the destruction of Israel, the “little Satan”, a pillar of its foreign policy.

In the last week, the following Iranian authorities have attacked Israel: the supreme guide Khamenei, invoking Israel's “defeat”; the head of Parliament, Ali Larijani (“the Zionist regime is evil”), and the UN ambassador, Eshaq al Habib, who spoke of the “Zionist regime” as the source of all problems.

Under the eyes of Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Iranian atomic program, Teheran continues to enrich uranium, to develop centrifuges and to test missiles. Iran is the only state today with technology capable of threatening the Jewish people.

But there is not only the direct threat.

There are also Iranian satellites. Hezbollah's missiles (from 13.000 in 2007 to 120.000 today) represent an unprecedented threat to Israel. Israeli Defense officials say that in the next confrontation with Hezbollah “from three to four thousand missiles may be launched on Israel”. There will be hundreds or thousands of victims and significant damage to airports, ports, power stations, transportation nodes and the like.

Islamic extremism is a threat to memory in Europe: in France, in addition to the killing of 12 Jews in ten years, Islamism has pushed 40.000 Jews to leave the country and another 60.000 to move house. It is a quarter of the whole French Jewish community. In Germany, the former leader of the Jews, Charlotte Knobloch, has just said that a Jewish life today is possible “only under protection”.

There is the very strong delegitimization that makes Israel the only state whose existence is contested (see the omission of the Balfour declaration) along with its borders (see UN resolutions), history (see the Unesco's assaults that erase the Jews from history) and capital (see the attacks after the American recognition of the capital Jerusalem).

The anti-Semitism practiced by the Palestinian leadership of Mahmoud Abbas, a partner of Western countries, is now blatant. In Egypt, Abbas just said that European Jews during the Shoah chose to suffer “massacres” rather than emigrate to Palestine (no official European declaration condemned him).

A few days ago, in Brussels, Yuli Edelstein, president of the Knesset, condemned the hypocrisy of those who honor the memory but accuse Israel of “war crimes”, dialogue with Hamas and do not see the Jews who hide the star of David.

The leftist intelligentsia is the master of this clever anti-Semitism. In commemorating the Holocaust, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, a “friend” of Hamas and Hezbollah, “forgot” to mention the Jews.

It is the living memory that is threatened.