'The Eternal People do not fear a winding road': Amona belongs to G-d

The Messiah's donkey sometimes stumbles over rocks on the long road to Redemption, but he continues on.

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Barouch Levy

OpEds השוטרים בדרכם לבית הכנסת
השוטרים בדרכם לבית הכנסת

As these words are being written, significant numbers of Israeli police and security forces are operating in Amona to foil any potential or active attempt  to interfere with the destruction of this little Jewish village, located about an hour's drive due north of Jerusalem. However all those who either have favored, acted to bring this about, or have will have actually participated in the destruction of the Jewish residences there, should understand that all their efforts are basically for naught. This is because the irrefutable reality which Amona represents, will forever remained unchanged. Today, as yesterday and for thousands of earlier yesterdays, Amona, Israel, belongs to G-d.

This being so, the basic and real ambition of those who are ideologically motivated to destroy Amona, while heavily redacted by dishonest presentation, is really quite simple to ascertain. The eradication of Amona is an attempt to erase and remove from historical memory the evidence of this ownership, and any connection, for lack of a better word, with this real Owner.

Amona was built, maintained and defended by Jews. It is situated on a very inhospitable barren mountain ridge. Not far from Amona is what locals  call the 'T-Junction.' There is a monument there in memory of a former resident of nearby Ofra, gunned down at that spot at the height of the Intifada. This period of concentrated attack on Jews was part of a still ongoing phenomenon of violence and hate, which Amona residents have successfully defied all the years of that community's existence.

The area as a whole only became accessible to Jews after the massing of Arab military forces on Israel's borders in June 1967 - which many believed at the time signaled the end of  the Jewish State of Israel - was smashed in the Israeli Six Day War victory.  Amona, by the simple virtue of its existence, is understood to be, both by its opponents and its supporters, either subconsciously or implicitly, to be somewhat miraculous. This  connection between the Jewish residents of Amona and its all powerful "Owner," like the connection with Jews living in all of the area, and the  residents of Israel in general, has unnerved Amona's detractors. That is why they have continuously clamored for the end of a Jewish presence at Amona.

How foolish those who have called for Amona's destruction are! Whether or not the government's earth-moving equipment has successfully demolished the relatively small number of the Amona residents' caravan homes, does not hide their folly. The Divine connection with those who brought about the Jewish presence in Amona and sustained it for a good number of years, will not be a casualty among the twisted metal and broken beams, the handiwork of the anti-Amona rabble. Though the families of Amona may have been already banished, the interest of  G-d to give expression to a reassertion of His authority there, and certainly, His power, is not, in any way diminished by mere mortals and their bulldozers. 

The miracle which was Amona, and other similar places, will be remembered. The eternal power that enacted them, is, to say the least, extant. The G-d of the Jewish People will sooner or later clarify His dominion, again, perhaps in Amona. Neither the Israeli police, Israel's Supreme Court, the Arab claimants in whose name the litigation against Amona was made, and even former President Obama or the United Nations, have any power, whatsoever, to contest this.

The foolishness which opines that somehow, the Jews of Amona or of Judea and Samaria - or Jews in general - are now disempowered by the ruins of Amona, is only matched by the baseless conception of these very same anti-Amona people regarding ownership and legitimate possession. Amona still belongs to G-d.

They know, to one degree or another, the message and significance of the very first verse of the Torah, which has been disseminated by Jews, such as the residents of Amona, to all of mankind. "In the beginning, G-d created the heavens and the earth." Obviously the Creator cannot be dispossessed by His creations, no matter how arrogant or delusional they may be. As the whole world is G-d's possession, so too is the town of Amona. In spite of this reality, the advocates for the destruction of Amona hope that by making the site barren again, they will be able to reinforce their fantasy, that they or someone else is an alternate legitimate possessor of this particular plot of land.

As the world seems to be descending to insane global conflict, with much of the motivation for this conflict engendered in the Middle East, this small bit of Amona insanity, the disinheritance of G-d, should surprise no one.

This  obvious notion of Divine ownership is presented by perhaps the most foremost of all Torah commentators, Rashi, or Rabbi Shlomo Yizchaki, of medieval France. In his commentary on the first  verse in the Book of Genesis, he first says the obvious, that the world belongs to G-d. In the continuation of this initial Torah commentary, Rashi shows, that as creator and proprietor of the entire creation, G-d does with the world as He sees fit. Specifically, Rashi writes, is the case of  of the the Land of Israel: "The power of His deeds (creation) indicate to His people the giving of the land to them (Psalms 111)" from the hands of tribes, even indigenous ones like the long gone Canaanites and Jebusites. "If the nations of the world accuse you of being thieves… tell them all of the land belongs to G-d, He created it and He has given it to those who are righteous in His eyes in accordance with His wish…"

 At this hour, probably most or all of Amona has been laid waste. But G-d's designation of the Jewish People to inherit the Land and to teach the world the messages of His Torah from Amona and the rest of the Land of Israel, retains its eternal validity. The Jews will be back in Amona, as well as in the rest of the Land of Israel, anywhere their presence is prevented by those who are similar to those who destroyed Amona.These saboteurs are helpless to alter this Divine historical scenario.  The iniquitous mindset of this cadre will continue to motivate them to demand that the senseless tragedy inflicted upon the families of Amona, G-d forbid, be repeated. It may even appear to them that they have accomplished something at Amona. But the Jewish People have always taken the long view. They are not afraid of a long, winding road with G-d as their guide.