Shocking! Obama praises USA overseas – well, sort of

You can count the number of times Obama has praised the USA abroad on the fingers of one hand - and you will have some fingers to spare.

Jack Engelhard

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Jack Engelhard
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Who knows? Maybe after he leaves office, Obama will tour the United States -- and apologize to us.

Meantime, in London several days ago, Obama sat for a news conference, along with Prime Minister David Cameron, and took a moment to praise North Carolina, saying the people over there were “wonderful.” He assured sensitive British tourists, those terrified that the state was not transgender-compliant, that they would be treated with “extraordinary hospitality.”

The word “extraordinary” does come to mind when we hear this President say a few kind words about the United States.

Three by my count over eight years.

He spent away his career damning America every time he stepped foot in another country. We miss those days when we had Presidents who actually love us. Perhaps this one, in his final months, has come around to conclude that we are not so bad after all. We deserve a pat on the back.

From this President, however, it comes with a slap across the face, because as Obama made clear to his European audience, he disagrees with the law enacted by North Carolina that keeps in place something we all used to take for granted – men go here and women go there when it comes to using public washroom facilities.

Across the country, this is not so simple anymore. While you were sleeping, Liberals were busy creating an entirely new grievance industry. 

Yesterday it was global warming. Today it’s gender politics, and it’s got the country in an uproar about what to do for people who’ve changed genders, like Caitlyn Jenner who used to be Bruce, and it gets even stickier when it comes to individuals the Left calls “non-conforming.”

Those are people (if I’ve got this right) who can decide on the spur of the moment if they are male or female and thus use any public facility they want. Not everybody is happy about this – not thrilled when in those moments of extreme privacy and modesty the person walking in could be, well, anybody.

The marches for transgender civil liberties have begun and we await the BDS and SJP goons to soon join in, waving their ‘Palestine’ flags.
For some men, if it’s Tuesday, they could decide they’re women.

The marches for transgender civil liberties have begun and we await the BDS and SJP goons to soon join in, waving their ‘Palestine’ flags.

They show up for everything else, don’t they.

I asked a friend in Israel if the Israelis are as obsessed as we are about the transgender wars.

“Frankly,” Moishe said, “we’ve got other problems.”

Our own Camille Paglia, openly gay and a feminist intellectual who has no patience for political correctness, says this:

“While we’re navel-gazing about gender identity, ISIS is beheading people.”

Never mind, says Mayor de Blasio. So New York City, along with 19 other big cities, is now transgender-friendly. This includes the “non-conformers.”

It’s the law that they can use almost any public facility they want, even the man who suddenly feels an attack of femaleness coming on.

(So far Trump is okay with this. Instinct says he’ll change his mind.)

Research (from CBS and ABC broadcasting) reveals that about 25,000 transgender people live in this town of eight and a half million. Got that? Someone else will have to do the math, but it seems crazy that an entire city should be turned upside down to accommodate a fraction of the population. 

On the national scale, we learn that there some 700,000 transgender people throughout the United States, where there are 320 million of us who have other problems. So therefore, if Liberals have their way, the entire country will have to be inconvenienced for the convenience of a few.

No doubt persons with gender identification issues need our concern and attention.

But to require us to change our most intimate habits for such lopsided numbers – is that not absurd?

To frame it sharply, this from ABC News: “If you're in a high school of 2,000 kids, you're probably going to have somewhere between two and four trans kids in that school at any one time,” says Dr. Norman Spack, the co-director of the gender management clinic at Boston Children's Hospital.

So for four kids, 2,000 will be required to change their normal ways. Does this make sense?

North Carolina says no. Obama says yes. But he still thinks the people there are “wonderful.”

No big deal, you say? Too little, too late?

I say take any kindness from a President who never appreciated us and spent his best years profaning us throughout the world. 

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the international classic “Indecent Proposal” now followed by the prophetic newsroom thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Engelhard is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website: