Islam battled the West twice - and will it do so again?

Are we living through yet another fall of civilization?

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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In 1979, a great Parisian writer named Emil Cioran, imagined the Islamization of France. “The French will not wake up until the Notre Dame cathedral becomes a mosque”, wrote Cioran. One day this writer entered into the Paris Metro and came out with two pages on the end of France, comparing it to Imperial Rome overwhelmed by barbarians.

“In the metro, one evening, I looked carefully all around me; they were all foreigners. The same show in London (...) Once a people has completed the historical mission that embodied it, it no longer has any reason to preserve its own unique difference. Having ruled both hemispheres, Westerners are ready to become ghosts condemned to a condition of the marginalized, the last, white."

Cioran was convinced that Western civilization was going be defeated and that this decline was due to its decadent lifestyle. He was right.

Europe’s is now experiencing a demographic disaster which betrays a terminal cultural illness, a debilitating social despair, a metaphisycal boredom and a religious nihilism that is rapidly eroding the cultural and social fabric upholding all civilizations. According to a new US Census
The sad paradox is that the most wealthy societies in human history are also those who committed suicide.
survey, 22 of the 25 more rapidly aging nations are in Europe.

The sad paradox is that the most wealthy societies in human history are also those who committed suicide.

It is worth mentioning that Western civilization has collapsed once before. The Roman ruins scattered throughout Europe, North Africa and the Near East are the most powerful reminder of that fall. At its peak, the Roman Empire was a surprisingly sophisticated system, like the West today. Western civilization fell with dramatic speed in the fifth century A.D. because of the barbarian invasions and internal divisions, but also because of the demographic collapse.

In the space of a generation, the vast imperial metropolis of Rome fell into disrepair. And we must also remember that Islam once already played a role in the decline and fall of the West:

First, when in what remained of the Roman Empire in the West, the Muslim armies advanced into France as far as Poitiers, where they were finally halted in 732.

Second, when Islam decapitated what remained of the empire in the East, when the Turks sacked Constantinople in 1453.

The question now is: will Islam again accelerate the fall of what remains of the West? Will the Islamic State, after Palmyra’s Roman ruins, destroy also the French museum, the Louvre and battle to the ground the Cathedral of Chartres?