US indignation on Iranian missile tests: biggest farce on planet Earth

The US is engaging in phony gamesmanship with the lives of the Western world.

Jeffrey Ludwig

OpEds Infographic on good vs bad Iran deal
Infographic on good vs bad Iran deal

The U.S. Administration has complained again that Iran, with its recent ballistic missile tests, has violated Security Council resolution 2231, adopted last July. However, it seems the other signatories to the Iran deal are unmoved by our concern, and have determined that the applicable passages of the agreement are "vague." 

This is the phoniest gamesmanship by our duplicitous administration this writer has yet to see. Nothing the administration could do would be more laughable and ridiculous than the present unbelievable and farcical expressions of American indignation.

Farce #1 -- U.S. expresses indignation about Iran "breaking the agreement." Yet, this same group was outraged when Israeli President Netanyahu came to speak against "the deal" at a meeting of Congress and asserted in the face of the Administration that Iran was untrustworthy. The mullahs with their murderous ways, that are even more offensive than the schmatas on their heads, are congenital liars.  They are leaders in the Axis of Evil, a term that horrified the American left when it was uttered, and is still considered offensive by the duplicitous Left. 

Farce #2 – The U.S. Administration repeatedly said last Spring and summer that if Iran violates the agreement that sanctions could be re-imposed in a heartbeat (“liar liar pants on fire”).  Yet, instead of immediately implementing procedures for sanctions re-instatement, we see a litany of bureaucratic complaints to the Security Council.   

The man on the street knew from day one that you cannot negotiate with terrorist scum, but the brilliant Harvard and Yale types said "give peace a chance Mr. Nobody." 
Farce #3 -  We're complaining, but no other signatories are listening.  Yes, this gives Obama another "out" -- i.e., we're playing by the book but other signatories don't care anymore than Iran...what can we do?  Huh guys?  What can we do?  Our hands are tied.  This is a strategy known on the street as “passing the buck.” 

Farce #4 - Feigned surprise at the mealy-mouthed mullahs. Imagine, the man on the street (myself and many, many others) knew from day one that you cannot negotiate with terrorist scum, but the brilliant Harvard and Yale types said "give peace a chance Mr. Nobody."  So when they drop their first nuclear (hydrogen) bomb or missile somewhere, and there is utter devastation, we will say to the mealy-mouthed mullahs, "You know, that's not in accord with the agreement," but the other signatories will say the wording of the agreement is unclear.

That's what happens when you have complacent communist consiglieres combining to concoct a common conspiracy. 

Au revoir Senate dummies, especially U.S. Senator Bob Corker (Sen-R) with his amendment bypassing the Senate's Constitutional requirement (!!) that there be a two-thirds vote in favor of the treaty (it’s not an agreement) by the Senate for it to go into effect.

Every predictable move by our implacable enemies is treated by the appeasers in Washington DC as though it were a surprise, a surprising deviation from the expected good.  Yet, it is all political theater, a farce, yet at the same time a piece of deadly insanity, mishegoss.  We are doing our best in times that try men’s souls.  Or are we?