How I started “the war on white people”

Can it be a coincidence?

Jack Engelhard

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Jack Engelhard
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I take full responsibility for this as people say when they don’t. Coincidence, or maybe I started something?

In a recent column, I innocuously wrote, “White people are not popular anymore. Have you noticed?” Thereafter, White People hit he fan.

In quick succession, everybody took a shot at White People, and we surely have it coming!

1. On Facebook, I found U of P Professor Ali Michael telling Huffington Post that she refuses to reproduce because they’d inherit “white privilege.”

2. Followed by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria who finds statistics to prove that White People in America keep dying at an earlier age. Not sure how he feels about this.

In any case, good riddance, right?

3. Topped by Portland Community College which is setting aside an entire month to express regrets about its own “whiteness” and hence “inequality.”

4. But the Envelope goes to billionaire Jada Pinkett Smith (Actor Will Smith’s wife) who has started a campaign to boycott this year’s Academy Awards for the lack of Black nominees (namely her husband). Other Black disadvantaged billionaire entertainers are signing up. Life is so unfair.

To be fair, the future is looking dim for White People all over. White People are being finished off throughout Europe, being quickly replaced by the preferred stock, Muslims, some of whom, however, need to be toilet-trained and tamed against their tendencies to commit rape. 

Once the stampede begins for us here in America, and Canada, won’t be long until there’s hardly a trace of White People.

Except, that is, for a few stragglers up in the hills of Harlan, Kentucky swigging moonshine.

Sanctions are what they say. The ovens are what they mean.

Here in the United States White People are especially despised throughout our college campuses. Even White People, as we’ve seen, detest White People. Jews come in all colors but are characterized as White, hence the double whammy. We get it coming and going.

People who want us dead but can’t get at us because there’s Israel with its powerful IDF, substitute their craving with cries to destroy us through boycotts.

Sanctions are what they say. The ovens are what they mean. (More on this later. Can’t fool me.)

Thus the “safe space” tulips are being taught an entirely new curriculum.

In with Black and gender and diversity studies, and Out those despicable Dead White Males.

No to Shakespeare, Montaigne and Einstein. Yes to Edward Said, Noam Chomsky and Bill Ayers.

Which is why, walking among us, we have students (was it Yale? Harvard? Both?) who thought Columbus discovered America in 1942…thought the Civil War started in 1961…thought that the first amendment, guaranteeing free speech, ought to be scrapped.

The same White People are ready to vote Bernie Sanders for president.

Imagine Sanders getting so much support! Do they know he’s White? Do they know he’s Jewish? I don’t think they do.

He’s campaigning on a platform to eliminate White privilege. No wait. In the name of equality he aims to eliminate everybody’s privileges. Everybody shares the bread lines and a life of misery equally. He promises to tax the rich 90 percent but since there won’t be anybody rich something else will have to be figured out.

In a word, he’s running as a communist.

So he’s clean!

These zombies, do they know anything about communism? How could they?

The darlings were busy studying gender identity and transgender politics when they weren’t handing out leaflets for BDS and shouting down Israeli and Conservative speakers. So how could they know that to stop the spread of communism, we were ready to exchange nuclear missiles with the Soviet Union – where Bernie Sanders spent his honeymoon?

Did the Cuban Missile Crisis come up in class and if it did, do they think it happened in 1861?

As for Hollywood, the members of the Academy have already apologized to Jada Pinkett Smith et al and said, wait till next year. We will fix this.

Will Smith himself supports his wife’s boycott. He says, “Children are going to watch the show and see themselves not represented.”

The Oscars, right? Not talking about pro football or pro basketball, was he?

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the international classic “Indecent Proposal” now followed by the prophetic thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline.” Engelhard is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website: