Islam has superseded Christianity in France

There is an intifada going on in France.

Giulio Meotti,

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giulio meott
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France is busy building a coalition to strike Islamic State in Syria after the massacre of 130 citizens in Paris. But a “mini Islamic State” is already functioning in the French suburbs.

A 2,200-page report, titled “Banlieu de la République” (Suburbs of the Republic), commissioned by the French think tank Institut Montaigne, explained that suburbs are becoming “separate Islamic societies”, where sharia, the Islamic law, has overcome French secular rule. The French Interior Ministry called these “Priority Security Zones” (Zones de Sécurité Prioritaires) and they include heavily Muslim parts of Amiens, Aubervilliers, Avignon, Béziers, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseilles, Montpellier, Mulhouse, Nantes, Nice, Paris, Perpignan, Strasbourg,
Demography and identity are on the Islamists’ side in France.
Toulouse and many other towns.

It is an ongoing French Intifada. The epicenter of this French Jihad is St. Denis, where the terrorists lived and planned the last attacks, and where French kings are buried. Isn’t it ironic that Islam now dominates the cradle of French Christianity?

Demography and identity are on the Islamists’ side in France.

A few days ago, the Association of French Mayors published a “Handbook of Secularism” which enumerates new rules. Among these, of course, there is the removal of Christian Nativity scenes from municipalities, considered disrespectful of the principle of “vivre-ensemble” and offensive to other religions (and Muslims in particular). In these 36 pages of recommendations, the mayors seem to have forgotten “16 centuries of history” as Franck Margain, vice president of the Parti Chrétien-démocrate, said, denouncing the handbook's erasure of all vestiges of Christianity.

The France that was “Ainee fille de l’Eglise”, the eldest and favorite daughter of the Church, is no more. The country of Emmanuel Mounier, Georges Bernanos, Francois Mauriac, Jacques Maritain, Teilhard de Chardin, that country is now caught between two fires, state secularism and Islam.

Jean-Claude Chesnais, the famous French demographer, has no doubts: “There will be a hybridization of cultures that will lead to a rapid Islamization”. Demographically, Islam is the winner. Non-Muslims are growing at a rate of 1.2 children per family, while Islamic families up to five times faster. In the last 30 years more mosques and prayer centers for Muslims have been built in France than all the Catholic churches built in the last century.

Meanwhile, thousands of French Muslims left their country to wage the “holy war” in Syria and Iraq. Le Figaro Magazine published a story by the journalist Rachida Samouri who infiltrated in Seine-Saint-Denis to talk with the French who support ISIS. “In Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic State, the French are at home: the second most spoken language after Arabic is French, in the streets Isis spreads terror and the French are the worst, they threaten and beat women if the their face is not hidden by the niqab, or if they make noise with their shoes. The noise of the heels of a woman is considered a sin. These French left France for Syria perceiving it as their promised land. In Raqqa, their children turn into monsters. They have French passports, they will return one day. What will be the France of these children raised by cutting off heads in the name of Allah?” 

This is the internal front the French authorities don’t want even to discuss.

Criticism of Islam is disappearing in France. This week, the renowned French atheist and left-wing philospher Michel Onfray withdrew the planned publication of a critical essay “Penser L’Islam” (Thinking Islam) claiming that “no debate is possible” in the country. Dozens of French writers and journalists, from Michel Houellebecq to Eric Zemmour and Mohammed Sifaoui, are under police protection for their criticism of Islam.

Once, in France, there was the war between “the cube and the cathedral”, the Grande Arche de la Défense in Paris built by François Mitterrand as a monument to a glittering secular modernity, and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, today reduced to a museum.

Now both are dominated and looked down upon by the Islamic crescent.