Israel’s Lonesome Fight to Protect America

If you care about the safety, prosperity, liberty and security of the United States of America, it is your patriotic duty to support Israel.

Jack Engelhard

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Jack Engelhard
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We think it is far away. But it is closer than we think. Every stabbing, every firebombing, every gun shot from Palestinian Arabs against Israelis in and around Jerusalem, now happening day after day, is meant for us here in the United States, Jew and Christian alike.

The jihad, the nakba, the intifada, call it what you will, it is fever, it is intoxication, it is a war of terrorism from which no one can hide.

Those Palestinian knives and bullets are meant for us as we comfort ourselves thinking we are protected by geography. They don’t know geography.

They only know how to kill. They create nothing. They produce nothing. They invent nothing. They contribute nothing. They have no heart and they choose the best, the most beautiful among us to do the most harm and spill the most blood. They laugh and rejoice at their own deeds of depravity.

It is difficult to think of them as human. There are no signs of it.

Then they call us Islamophobic. But as we ask in these pages – “Can you be blamed for being a bigot if by their barbaric actions they turn you into one?”

The jihadist Palestinian murderers – they make no distinction among man, woman or child. Borders mean nothing to them. Watch them as they swarm one country after another. These same men intoxicated by jihad in Israel have their crazed eyes set on America. They have already taken Europe. What happens in Israel does not stay in Israel.

It would be intelligent to consider ourselves warned.

On 9/11 we were warned, but still we think it is Israel that has a problem. Not our business, we say.

No, we have the same problem and it is very much our business if we care about the wellbeing of the United States.

Their debauched customs are nothing new in Israel and are becoming familiar within our own country of open borders. Schools in America now try to drop allegiance to the American flag for fear that it may offend or “exclude” others. Case in point, Jackson Hole Wyoming. Elsewhere in the Heartland kids are being taught the charms of Sharia. Schoolgirls are being told to wear the Islamic veil.

The FBI tells us that there are jihadist terror cells in every state.
The FBI tells us that there are jihadist terror cells in every state. Is this enough? No, 200,000 more of them are being brought in.

Are they harmless? But even if only one causes us harm our government has failed its sworn duty to preserve and protect.

Let’s be clear about this: If you love Israel for the sake of Israel, that is beautiful, but it is a personal choice, certainly my choice. But it is not required.

If you love Israel for the sake of America, this is required. If you care about the safety, prosperity, liberty and security of the United States of America, it is your patriotic duty to support Israel with all your heart, your soul and your might. Israel and only Israel stands at our frontier to fight our fight, which it does every day.

It is a lonesome fight because our leaders in politics have chosen to isolate the Jewish State because it is a Jewish State. We know this. We knew it when Mr. Obama enriched the mullahs of Iran with cash and bombs and when he instructed envoy Samantha Power to snub Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he spoke at the UN.

The same bigotry infests the news media from New York to London. The BBC was troubled about the “inconvenience” facing the Palestinian Arabs after Israel restricted their access to the Temple Mount for two days. There would be trouble, warned the BBC, and the trouble would be Israel’s fault.

The BBC was not troubled by Jewish blood running through the streets of Jerusalem. Nor was the BBC troubled by Jewish tears throughout the Land.

Those images were not shown – only sullen and inconvenienced Arabs were on display.

The EU is troubled. Those ministers never miss a chance to blame “both sides” when it is only one side that does the killing.

In fact nearly the entire gutless world keeps shaking hands with Fanatical Islamic Terrorism in order to pretend that nothing is happening, and if it is, let someone else, let Israel – let the Jewish State stand and fight for us so that we can sit back and worry about Palestinian Arabs being so terribly inconvenienced.

In America it’s getting dangerous and it’s getting late but we still have choices. Israel is the only choice if decency still means anything.

[Additional and personal note: To the readers of my books who asked me to write something literary once in a while, get back to my novelistic roots, especially now on the eve of the Nobel Prizes, I did so as requested in an essay called “Why We Write.” I very much enjoyed writing the piece by popular demand. It was set to be published here but then the jihadist barbarians got busy and in an instant nothing made sense, at least nothing civilized, like literature. Perhaps another day when the fever passes, if even for a short while.) 

New York-based author and bestselling novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. His novel “Indecent Proposal” was translated into more than 22 languages and turned into a Paramount motion picture starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore. His latest thriller, largely about media bias and deception, is “The Bathsheba Deadline.”