The Dutch Labor Party's Policies Support Islamo-Nazis

Selective information, monumental manipulation of the facts and complete adoption of Muslim propaganda are the norm - and Israel should confront them.

Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld

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Manfred Gerstenfeld
Manfred Gerstenfeld

Several European socialist parties are indirect supporters of Hamas, the largest Palestinian party, which promotes the genocide of all Jews. These socialist parties do not explicitly state this position, and many of their members are unaware of it. One usually has to uncover their basic manipulations of facts in order to expose their support of Palestinian Islamo-Nazis.

Peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis: Even if such a miracle should occur, there would not be a single life saved in the Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan, and in so many other conflicts raging around the globe.
The example of the Dutch Labor party (PvdA), the junior partner within the current government can clearly illustrate these manipulations. On the party’s website one finds its position on major political issues. One section, concerning international affairs,[1] contains a subsection for the Middle East. Peculiarly, only a singular item is discussed there: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The remainder of the Middle East, despite all its turmoil, is not mentioned whatsoever. This, for instance, despite the fact that the Netherlands actively participates in the bombardment of the so-called “Islamic State” Islamo-Nazis in Iraq.[2]

This is Labor’s first major manipulation: highlighting the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in its party program, while omitting mention of all other Middle East conflicts. By doing so, Labor adopts the approach of Arab and Muslim propagandists. They want the West to focus entirely on Israel and look away from the many cases of Islamo-Nazism and the other widespread criminality rampant within the Muslim world.

The Labor party website claims that no other prolonged conflict has so great an impact on the world as the Israeli-Palestinian one. This is an outright lie. The conflict between the Shi’ite Muslims and the Sunni Muslims is many centuries old. It is not solely in current times that this conflict has caused the world far more problems than the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The war in the 1980s between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Iran took a million lives.[3] The current murderous civil wars in Syria and Iraq also have strong elements of the Shi’ite-Sunni conflict.

The Dutch intelligence services see the main terror threat for the Netherlands in jihadis returning from the Middle East.[4] However, this fact is not mentioned on the Labor party’s website. This is yet another indication of how the Labor party’s focus on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is manipulative.

The Ukrainian civil war – which is a hot revival of a Cold War element -- is not even mentioned among the main issues listed on the Labor party’s website. This despite the Netherlands having already paid a heavy price for the conflict. Close to 200 Dutchmen were killed last year when a Malaysian passenger plane was shot down over eastern Ukraine. In addition, the economic sanctions against Russia implemented by Western governments have hit some parts of the Dutch economy.

Let us assume, for argument’s sake, that in the near future there will be a viable peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Even if such a miracle should occur, there would not be a single life saved in the Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan, and in so many other conflicts raging around the globe.

From this first monumental manipulation, the Labor Party moves on to another one. Its website does not mention how Fatah – led by Mohamed Abbas – incites violence against Jews and honors the murderers of Israeli civilians.[5] This past summer, Fatah, like Hamas, shot rockets from Gaza onto Israeli cities and towns.[6] On the Dutch Labor Party website, however, there is no mention of this, nor of the genocidal charter and statements of Hamas, which were repeated yet again during the latest Gaza campaign.

Due to these intentional omissions of crucial facts, the Dutch Labor party indirectly supports a genocidal Muslim terrorist movement. 

After these huge fallacies have been presented, Labor can comfortably move to describing its so-called “solutions”.  It claims on its website that the building of Israeli settlements over the green line is illegal according to international law. This opinion is strongly contested in a letter that a thousand jurists, including two former Ministers of Justice,[7] submitted to the EU. The Labor party does not bother to mention the letter, nor has it ever come up with convincing counterarguments to any of the facts stated within this letter.

The Labor party makes only one demand of the Palestinians: that the “radicals” in the Gaza strip should not shoot at civilian targets within southern Israel. This is another obfuscation. The democratically elected ruling party of Gaza, Hamas, is responsible for most of the rockets shot into Israeli population centers.

The next “solution” that the Dutch Labor party proposes is the reconciliation of the two main Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah. Without a common position, Labor claims, peace is impossible. However, the Labor party doesn’t explain how such a merger between Fatah, which regularly glorifies murderers of Israeli civilians and regard them as heroes, and Hamas, who are promoters of genocide of all Jews, will advance the prospect of peace in the Middle East.

The Dutch Labor party also calls for an investigation of possible crimes committed in the 2014 Gaza war.[8] Yet in the fight against the so-called Islamic State, the Netherlands participates in military activities alongside various Shi’ite militia. These militia are reported to commit many extreme crimes, such as the beheading of Sunnis.[9] These ‘super-criminal’ allies of the Dutch troops should be the prime target for investigation. The Netherlands volunteered to be in Iraq, while Israel’s Gaza war was one of self-defense.

Since a few months ago, the Netherlands has a new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Labor party member Bert Koenders. He has already stated that he would make it a point to obtain authorization from Brussels that all Israeli goods produced in the West Bank would be labeled as such.[10]

The next time Koenders comes to Israel, the Israeli Foreign office would do well to confront him with the facts proving his party’s indirect support of the Islamo-Nazis of Hamas, rather than let Koenders only express his unjustified criticisms of Israel.

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