US Cops Now Feeling Awfully Jewish

We now have No-Go Zones in America. Cops are unwelcome. Jews are unwelcome.

Jack Engelhard

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Jack Engelhard
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All officers of the law across the country are now officially Jewish.

At least they know what it feels like to be Jewish, now that the brats have found a new grievance to solve all their problems. The Jews, and now the cops.

If you’re a cop, now you too are subject to the catcalls and the heckling once reserved for Jews only. “Cops around the city are being tormented by maniacal threats.” Sounds more like Israel, but it’s happening in New York City according to the New York Post.

Now a typical Gotham precinct knows the turbulence Israel faces every day. The hate comes from all quarters but it’s the campus that says hatred best.

Stay tuned, as this is the up and coming generation that is going to make this a better world. You betcha!
For campus firebrands it must be quite a chore deciding who to hate more on any particular day.

If it’s Monday it must be the Jews and if it’s Tuesday it must be the cops. Is that how it works?

This we know about the darlings who have turned our universities into gulags against free thought and free speech. They want to boycott Israel and they want to divest from law and order and they want to sanction anyone who makes them feel “uncomfortable.”

If you do not agree with them they will shut you up and they will bully you down. Jewish students, amateurs, have no chance against professional agitators.

So naturally, Brandeis University is making headlines again, so you know the news can’t be much good. The Daily Caller has the full story but the gist of it is that a student at the once-Jewish college used Twitter to say that she has “no sympathy for the NYPD officers murdered today.”

Yes, this multi-cultural diversity-sensitive Brandeis student “celebrates” the murder of officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. Don’t you dare call her a bigot.

Stay tuned, as this is the up and coming generation that is going to make this a better world. You betcha!

We’ll skip the Brandeis names and the nuances, but the story gets worse when we find that this particular student’s gruesome message was approved by many along the same campus that denied free speech champion Ayaan Hirsi Ali the right to speak freely. 

All signs point to a disturbing trend.

We now have No-Go Zones in America. Cops are unwelcome. Jews are unwelcome. Several days ago BDS-type storm troopers blitzed a Jewish diamond business at 60th and Madison Avenue. The owner is reportedly Israeli. The thugs can’t think but they can rhyme. They shouted, “Glitz and Glam. He steals Palestinian land.”

“Only in New York” we used to say when things were going well. But now it leaves a bitter taste when we think of what’s happening around town and in Israel.

From Ferguson, Missouri to New York City, when the marchers howl for “justice” it is with the blood-curdling voice of savages. They are not subtle. Every cop “has it coming” and so does 11-year-old Ayala Shapira who is fighting for her life in an Israeli hospital as the result of a firebomb attack from the hands of Arab terrorists.

This is what the protesters call justice.

But here’s the bright side. With cops as fellow targets we are in good company. For once, Jews are not alone.  

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