Israel's Perceived Weakness Fuels the Terror Machine

Gone are the days that Muslim terrorists outside of Israel are worried Israel will come after them if they kill Jews.

Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

On May 25, 2014, Netanyahu rightly named anti-Israel “incitement” as a cause of anti-Jewish murderous terrorism:

“Last night’s murder in Brussels is a result of constant incitement against the State of Israel by various elements in the Middle East and in Europe itself.  There are elements in Europe that rush to condemn – or offer only weak condemnations of – the murder of Jews here – or in Europe itself and, even worse, welcome unity with a terrorist element such as Hamas, which calls for the destruction of the State of Israel.

"We oppose such hypocrisy, we protest against it, we will continue to always state the truth, we will continue to fight terrorism and we continue to build up our state".

However, the really direct link of the Israeli-Palestinian Arab dispute to Palestinian Arab terrorism against Diaspora Jews is actually much worse.  The bulk cause of terrorism against Diaspora Jews isn’t just Palestinian incitement, it’s Israel's reaction -  weakness projected by Israel’s "groveling" to make peace with the Palestinian Arabs.

When Netanyahu’s government frees blood-stained Arab Israeli-murdering terrorists, and the Arab terrorist murderers are feted by Abbas and the entire world, what does a would-be European or Iranian terrorist think?  He says to himself: If Arab terrorists who murdered Jews in Israel get released and feted like kings, how bad will it be if I kill Jews in Brussels or France where they really hate Jews?  If Israel doesn’t execute Arabs who murdered Jews in Israel proper, then I have nothing to worry about if I murder Jews in Toulouse!

Gone are the days that Muslim terrorists outside of Israel are worried Israel will come after them if they kill Jews. In fact, just the opposite, Israel is talking to Abbas about giving up territories from which terrorists will be able to kill thousands of Jews. The would-be European Muslim terrorist thinks to himself: If Israel cares so little about the Jews’ security in Israel, then Israel really couldn’t care less about Jews’ security outside of Israel.

Israel's projection of weakness translates into direct attacks by Muslim and anti-Jewish terrorists on Jews everywhere, not just in Israel.
Gone are the “Labor” Golda Meir days of “Israel won’t negotiate with terrorists, Israel will kill terrorists.”  Instead, during the “Likud” Netanyahu days, Israel not only negotiates with Abbas, the current King of Terrorists, but also pays Abbas hundreds of millions of dollars a month so he can pay Arab jailed terrorists $4,000 per month.”  Israel isn’t just only negotiating with Arab terrorists, Israel is also funding them.

This Israeli projection of weakness translates into direct attacks by Muslim and anti-Jewish terrorists on Jews everywhere, not just in Israel.

Take, for instance, the Iranian bombing of the AMIA Jewish Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  In late 1993, Israeli  peace cultists succeeded in making the all-time King of Terrorism, Arafat, a hero by signing a worthless “peace” of paper called the Oslo Accords.  In return, on July 18, 1994, Argentinian Jews were welcomed by an Iranian bomb blast which murdered 85 Jews, and injured over 300 more.  Rabin’s and Peres’ Israeli Peace weakness largely resulted in the Iranians believing nothing would happen to them if they murdered 85 Jews.  And, the Iranians were right.  Nothing has happened to them until this very day.

Israeli Peace Cult leaders, in Orwellian-“Lie is Truth”-mode, tell the world that “war and terrorism” are really “peace,” and “cowardice” is really “bravery.”  The Rabin and Peres Peace Cultists constantly say that they have made a “Peace of the Brave,” when everyone outside of their delusional bubble, especially Muslim terrorists, knows full well that the weak Israelis have insured war and terrorism due their cowardice.

Since 1993, Peres has begged for Peace, and whenever Israelis are murdered or blown up, says “It’s the price of Peace,” or “victims of peace” or “korbanot hashalom” in Hebew.”  What “korbanot” means in Hebrew is an actual religious “offering” to be made in the Temple to Hashem.  Peres and his Peace Cultists coined the term “korbanot hashalom,” in effect, perversely ‘religiously’ validating the Palestinian terrorists’ murder of Jews as a religious ‘offering’ to the false idol of “Peace.”

What’s a would-be diaspora Palestinian Arab terrorist supposed to think when he hears Peres call the Palestinian Arab murder of Jews inside of Israel as “korbanot”?  They can only conclude that Peres religiously recognizes and legitimatizes the terrorist murder of Jews in Israel, and  everywhere else, as religious “offerings” that Israel and world Jewry must pay for “Peace.”

All this just doubles back to the simple reality that Israel’s perceived and actual weakness, projected by its incessant “Peace” pandering, directly signal to the terrorists and the world that it is open season to murder, not only Jews in Israel, but also, Jews outside of Israel. 

Unfortunately, when continued Israeli “Peace” weakness is coupled with incessant Palestinian Arab anti-Israel incitement, you have to expect that there will be many more attempted  AMIA bombings, Toulouse Massacres, and Brussels executions.